Reality Bites    2009-03-21 16:48:33 ET
friday was an interesting day.

So on the way home from a week long training excersise with teh army, we stopped in Tweed at a Tim Hortons. I was having a smoke with one of my other army buddies when a tim's worker comes otside sweeping buts and shit off the ground.

He then asked us if we where Hasty P's and went on talking about some guys he knew in our regiment, and then he told us how he used to be in the 2nd Royal Canadian Regiment based out of Gagetown. It turned out that while on tour in Afghansitan he injured his leg and was medically released. After briefly talking with this guy, we loaded on our bus and started to drive again, and we waved at the guy as we pulled out of the parking lot.

My buddy leans over to me saying how it was kind of cool that he was 2 RCR. I leaned back at him and said its actually kind of sad, this guy served his country, got out of the army, has no trades ot qualifications for civilian life, and is now sweeping cigerette buts in a tim hortons parking lot.

I almost felt like I had left a peace of myself in that parking lot that friday.


So I finally make it home, find out there s aparty, which is sweet because I hevent had anything next to 2 over rpiced beers at a bar the tuesday previous during the week long live fire exersise.

I was sent home 2 days early because the regiments couldn't supply enough guys to run it. Surprised the girl friend, and got pretty drunk and was happy, had my beers, my girl friend, and surrounded by all the best friends a guy could want. That is until my best friend since grade 7's dad died.

He got diagnosed 2 months ago with cancer, 3 tumors, told he had 6 months, and I guess he gave up fighting. She got called, went to the hopsital, came back and we all tried supporting her. Shes a trooper, and we all agree its better he went sooner and didn't suffer, but fuck man. It was out of no where.

On top of this, having grown up around seeing my dad's buddies and eventually my buddies come home in boxes, i'm very desensitised to death and emotions as a hole. And my girl friend being the exact opsosite started to get made at me because she said that I didn't care. Man she knows how to cut deep, theres more shit i'd rant about that she can say but everyone could write a book about their relationships.

Anyways, friday was pretty fucking heavy, and monday I'm being tasked to an Airbase to fill 1000 sand bags, woot.

Cheers guys.

 Blaah    2009-01-28 12:40:19 ET
I am sick as a dog right now, coughing up shit that blinks at me and have a nose runnier than a mexican scrambling across the border.


Well because the army decided that we should be prepared for winter warfare, and being one fo the new troops, I had to go out this week end on my winter warfare introduction course. So natrualy, -30 degree celcius day and nights ensued, with our stoves going out at night, and ice litereally freezing my trigger mechanism.

As a side note, for this excersise we got rifles, I normally am a C9 gunner, but meh, easier to clean. But on top of this, thye gave me a new rifle that had been coated in CLP oil. what happens to oil in -30? It freezes!

Got to kill, skin, and eat a rabbit, made sure mine didn't suffer. My buddy had one that didn't wat to die and kept up a fight for 4 munites. Was kind of sad cause it started crying, and for those who don't know, rabbits sound like little babies when they cry. So our Master Corporal came over and turned it's neck 540 degrees and it then the nerves took over.

Its a lot easier than it looks too, I had a drop of blood on me cause I did it right, although others looked like they went golam on the rabbits and had blood everywhere. Got some blood on my White winter camo's and mucklucks, guess it means i'm hard core now, :P.

So next to freezing to death, getting sick, we went down hill skiiing after rucking to the spot.

I recently had my B-day, and my rents brought a cake to the mess, god bless them. Got a tablet for my B-day too, trying to get used to it, lots of fun.

We have another PT test tomorrow for the jump course. Aparantly i'm one of only 2 guys from my garrison now who is on 1-2 days notice to go to trenton airbrase for the course. Might fuck me over in highschool but you don't get a jump course very often here in the reserves.

Anywas, hopefully I can let of some steam and party this week end since i'm finally off cork for a bit.


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