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a year gone already....2010-11-23 19:56:37 ET

As usual, its been awhile since I've been on here.
My classes are going good. the semester is almost up. Photography is going good.
Marleigh turned 1 year old on the 11th. I can't believe how fast a year has flown by. She is 31 3/4 inched and 26lbs. She is amazing, being a mom is amazing.
Other than that not too much going on here.

1st bday




2010-08-02 17:53:11 ET

i have been dealing with a tooth infection for going on 3 weeks now. on my second round of antibiotics. when I take them it goes away... when its been a week without it...it gave it time to come back. FUCK it hurts. The two teeth have to be surgically removed.. my appointment isnt until the 25th.

SK ..... I <3 You!2010-08-01 20:10:24 ET

I love how this place never changes!
It makes me feel good, like visiting my old stomping ground.

I <3 you SK!

the end.

non-MIA2010-07-30 21:40:53 ET

So how has everyone been doing? Its been awhile, I know.

Lots have been going on.
Marleigh will be 9 months old on the 11th! I cant believe how fast time flies. She is crawling and pulling up. She says "momma", "dada", "nana", and "dawldawl" which we are pretty sure means "dogdog". She babbles and points to things. She waves and she definitely has a major attachment to me. She is quite the little character. I love being a mommy, it is so challenging yet so rewarding!
Jason is still working at ParaBasic and is currently in EMT classes. I have just registered for college in the fall pursuing Digital Arts. I am extremely excited and happy I have a reliable vehicle for the 2 hour drive round trip. I am also lucky enough to have 3 of my 4 classes all on the same two days. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which means I'll save on gas. His sister is going to watch the baby for half of what a daycare would cost and M absolutely loves her Aunt GiGi.
M and I are headed to Maryland on Aug. 9th and staying til the 18th. Jason has to work and has emt class. Its going to be a good trip. Going to spend time with my grandparents, I have really close friends that are getting married, and my dad will be in too. I havent seen him since he moved to Puerto Rico 2 years ago and this will be his 1st time seeing Marleigh, he hasent even seen a picture.
I know everyone is going to be wanting to see new pictures of the baby, the best place to check is my facebook page.
Minus the pain in my mouth, I am very happy in life right now. I'm pleased with how things are going and where things are taking us in life. On step at a time.

well,....wow...2010-05-02 12:32:27 ET

so on sunday we always have a family dinner at his moms. it'll be his mom, dad , sister and her three girls and us. Well today we come home.. and everyone is in the kitchen cooking...his sister asks me about my ob/gyn and directions and about making appointments...i say " whos it for?"..because it could be her, the 15 yr old or the 12 yr old. she has me guessing... finally she says "we're having a baby?" I say" who?".....megan is. shes 15. we are all in a sorta shock.
its a hard situation, cause here it is, and we cant give her a hard time about it, but we cant be too easy on her either. we all realize that the only thing we can do is support her and help her through this without babying her through it, because whats done is done and lecturing and yelling at her is not going to help anyone or the situation. and for once...i am agreeing with everyone in his family on this one. and I am glad they feel this way. Megan knows her life is in for a big change, she knows what got her in this situation and she could've prevented it and chose not to.
I told her today before she " Just because you are having a baby does not mean you life is over, its only over if you think its over. So dont let anyone let you think other than that. You are strong and yes this is going to be hard and its going to suck at time, and yes people are going to talk, but I'm here for you no matter what, if you need to talk just come up and talk to me, about anything."

this all hurts my heart. we've talked so much about this, her and I... I'm the one who took her to get on b.c. when she was 13 because she was having sex and her parents wanted to pretend it wasent going on and wouldnt take her.

oh my...

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