Had a Very Vivid Dream..    2012-04-13 19:37:51 ET
Last week I had a very vivid dream that I was at work, sitting at my workstation, talking to a co-worker about some work-related thing, when the ground started shaking violently. Things we falling off shelves, dust and tiles started falling from the ceiling..ect. We all got under our desks. I remember looking out from under my desk, and seeing our computers and stuff falling to the ground (oh well, I'm not fond of Windows Vista Business and IE8 anyways). Regardless, it was very realistic in every way that an earthquake could be. Quite possible one of the most realistic dreams I have had in a LONG time. I tend to remember a good deal of my dreams, and I dream in color. Makes me wonder if it was some kinda of future event, a premonition perhaps? I tend to believe in the supernatural, and I find prophecy and things of that nature very interesting. Personally I do not know what the dream meant, if anything. I guess time will tell.

 Re-did my website.    2012-04-02 07:49:04 ET
I did a complete re-design of my website. Removed alot of old images and stuff I felt was no longer needed. It uses inline frames, so now it is much easier to update. It is still a work in progress, but I felt it was worth putting up as it is now.

Ice Moon Graphics.

I imagine I could really streamline it if I used more CSS & HTML 5, but for now it has some CSS, and plenty of HTML 4.01.

I also re-did my bio on here.

 Huzzah!!    2012-02-23 21:07:51 ET
Same as above. Kind of cool isn't it?
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 I am in Montana    2012-01-30 17:36:20 ET
Arrived here last night, and I will be here until the 5th of Feb. Its very brown and everything is slushy and watery from all the melting snow. It is nice to see family and old friends, but I am reminded constantly of why I left this place.
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 Going to Montana...    2012-01-25 19:50:41 ET
I leave on the 29th, and I will be back in Seattle on February 5th. Should be interesting, as I have not been there for awhile now.
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