Goth Pageant    2012-06-01 20:01:01 ET
I went to it last night. It was alright. Saw lots of cool people, and lots of stuffy people taking the goth scene way to seriously. Come on guys, its supposed to be fun. Oh well, the people I was hoping for to win Mr & Mrs. Goth Seattle, won it. It also reminded me also of why I don't go to the clubs all that much anymore. All the people I met who are into the goth scene and have been in it for awhile, know when to laugh at themselves, and know the goth scene for exactly what it is, and appreciate what the goth scene has to offer, and don't ruin it with pretentiousness.

If you actually plan your entire night around what you are going to wear, and do at a stuffy, smokey, tired goth club, you need to seriously re-examine your life's ambitions. I love the goth scene, I have been in it for a long time, but I also know when to laugh at myself. It is supposed to be fun.
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 Dark Shadows    2012-05-13 21:07:48 ET
Saw it today. It was alot of fun. I know it wasn't like the show, but i liked it anyways. I watched the show on reruns when i was little, and saw alot of it again when i was n my early 20s. It was nice to see a different take on Barnabus the vampire.

 blehh    2012-05-10 14:30:07 ET
woke up sick today, i went to work anyways. left work early. i feel terrible. :(

 Metro CIinemas    2012-05-07 07:44:10 ET
Metro Cinemas closed last week. Found out it closed around 3 or 4 days ago. Kinda sucks having to go downtown if I want to see a mainstream movie. Its sad because Metro had a really nice staff, and the location was good, and of all the movie theaters here ran by landmark theaters, it was the cleanest, and had an outstanding snack bar, complete with a coffee shop (located on the second floor). I guess it is reopening under the Management of Sundance (those guys that do the Sundance film festival). Should be interesting if this come to pass.

Other than that my week was alright. Bought a two-handed sword. Also acquired another IBM Thinkpad. using the said laptop to type this entry. How are all of you doing?
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 The Hunger Games    2012-04-23 16:43:37 ET
Just came back from seeing it. It was good. Saw Wrath of the Titans last week though, personally I preferred "Wrath of the Titans." :P
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