fun fun.    2006-05-19 01:56:29 ET
Its almost 5am, its warm and raining right now....i love it. the smell of humdity in the air is probrably one of my favorite things to smell..on top of it being one of those inbetween times...not yet time for the sunrise but not yet the end of the night. I think inbetween times are magical in their own special way.

 more good news    2006-05-17 16:07:16 ET
yay. i got a nice raise at work 2 days ago. i make pizza now in addition to maintenance and dishwashing. hopefully by june, i will be out of the dish pit. i am happy.

 good news for me.    2006-05-10 00:52:44 ET
My freind Izzy moved back here to Missoula from Great falls. Im pretty happy. I missed spending time with her. She is a wonderful woman. Seein her again surprised me. im stoked .:D:D:D

 uber fun times.    2006-05-08 01:35:10 ET
man i am bored. its 4:30 in the morning and im sitting here online.

 Hi    2006-05-02 22:03:49 ET
Yay!! *welcomes myself to* How is everyone on here today, or tonight, or whenever u are awake and online. Im doing super, and i hope u are all doing just as super as i am. *evil siles*

Well..i hope to hear from someone soon. take care and have a good day or night...

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