time to waste    2007-03-25 07:52:19 ET
listening to alkaline trio

taylors party was fun fun.read my last entry and laughed.spent a wonderfully hung over and sleep deprived day with the indian and his mom.we all went to go see the teenage mutant ninja turtles(sp?) and it wasnt to bad,acutally....then just hung out at his house,avoiding his uncle and trying not to anwser his cousins ever increasing questions.we eventually just passed out in his not-quite room till god knows when when i had to go home.my neighbor was having a party,and i kinda freaked out cause one of the cars looked exactly like my ex-bf's.tho i dont think he noticed.

it was kinda surreal driving through the suburbs with them.I've never lived in too nice a neighborhood,particularly right now,and the suburbs have always pissed me off.i just seems to me that all their there for is to raise your children and teach them to consume.HOW many malls are within a 10 mile radius of his house?!disgusting.his house is twice as big as any i'd ever hope to live in,tho he does live with his uncle,who owns the house.i cant wait till he and his mom move.god i hate that neighborhood.they laughed at me,but i find places like that truly disgusting.partuculary when i come home at 2 in the morning and see four cop cars out side of my neighbors house,for god knows what,and a group of kids(and i mean like 10 and under) wandering around the church parking lot across from my house.

aaahhhhhh!i have to go to work,and i dont wanna >.<

     2007-03-23 20:20:14 ET
you know whats great?shitfaced blog entries,thats what...
aha....i'm very happy right now,got the warm fuzzys....
taylors b-day party ^__^
theres no point to this...
almost got into a fight w/ her neighbors...a few times earlier...ghetto ass bitches...

ghetto ass neighborhood.was standing out side with the indian and we herd gunshots,he freaked out and it was funny.
i tend to forget he's not used to that stuff anymore.got used to dwelling in the suburbs.

planning a fun fun trip to chicago for warped.mainly for alkaline trio.mabey take an amtrak and staying there for a few days to cheak out the city.i'd love to live there.can't wait....

mmmk...i need another hit...or another drink...i'm gonna stop rambling now.love you guys.<3

 Unleash the Bastards    2007-03-22 21:36:01 ET
so today is taylors birthday,and she's finnaly 18.her dad actually let her leave without a fight,there wasnt even a too nasty exchange of words.to be honest,i was kind of dissapointed.this man makes her life a living hell for 18 years and then just lets her go??i donno....shes really really happy tho.took her to go her tounge pierced w/ her mom.the piercer isnt the guy i usueally go to,and he was being an asshole about her navel ring.she not that good at taking care of her self.but she didnt seem to notice,so i didnt call him on it.it was tottaly unnecissary(sp?) and he was acting as though she were a small child...very unprofessinal,i think he was just trying to show out in front of the girl he was training...
oh well.
tomorow's her party,and that'll be fun.then saturday i'll prolly hang out with my boy,after i beat him for his latest little acid binge.dumb boy.
can't sleep and i'm lurking the internet.what fun
listening to municipal waste.hope i spelled that right.

 This does not bode well...    2007-03-20 20:31:28 ET
so,this is my first entry
i'm not sure what to write....
i haven't quite got the hang of this thing yet(im not very technologically savy) and all my pics are too big,so right now im stuck with that funny NOOB one.....

eh,oh well......

so,yea....i guess a good thing to waste time witj would be telling about my self,huh?
ummmm...i'm a girl(surprise!!) i'm 18 i live in memphis.i'm currently half attending high school.gettin ready to drop out,get my GED and move on the college.i'm thinkin about majoring in radio production and minoring in photo-journalism....i used to have this kick ass job at a local radio station,we were an air america imprint,but we got kicked off air.so,now,im currently lookin for a job in radio that wont rot my soul.its hard.

i donno.this is all i feel like writing,cause i'm pretty fukin angry at an indian right now and none of this is really making any sense anyways

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