You'll never know  
The name's Dana
The age is 22
The hometown is Memphis,TN

"It was a tension between these two poles-a restless idealism on one hand and a sense of impending doom on the other-that kept me going"-Hunter S Thompson in "The Rum Diary"

It is curious--curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.
- Mark Twain in Eruption

i like comics and movies,music and shows.i've been plenty of places and done plenty of things,but none of thats relative here.i am dyslexic.i work at a liquor store,and i am very boring.

     2011-01-05 20:40:01 ET

i finally saw the willow smith video everyones been talking about.

and i still dont understand.

also,that 10 year old bitch has a leopard print motorcycle jacket.I WANT IT.
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     2011-01-03 18:30:45 ET
oh me oh my,its 2011 and i survived.

i havent been on here in a coons age...

how're you?

     2010-02-02 22:57:29 ET

every year i forget how much i hate winter,and every year i am reminded forcefully.

now,i am from tennessee.and what that means is that we dont have what you would call "hard winters" but goddamn it i am tired of it being 50 during the day and 32 at night.don't make no damn sense.

fuck this season!im tired of wearing 4 layers and lookin like a hobo.

 happy halloween    2009-11-01 17:27:39 ET
months up and i survived both jobs,thankfully.

this past week i went in at 9 everyday and didnt get home til around 2ish,but it was fun and i miss both jobs already.

now to find a new one u_u

     2009-09-08 14:55:06 ET
i love my new job.i sit around all day hocking costumes and gag gifts and talking about comic books and shitty movies with my boss.whos pretty awesome,if not a little "too nice".

as in buy me lunch write me poems on facebook nice.

idk,this might get a little hairy,but we'll play by ear.

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