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  Firebird    - Lord of Destruction
Name - Chris
Age - 18
Location - Palm Coast, Florida
Occupation- Stock Clerk at Publix
Intrests - "Drinking Booze and Raising Rifles"
Hobbies - Work, Metal, Playin' Guitar, Sports, Concerts,
Bands - Black Label Society, Brand New Sin, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, King Diamond, Pink Floyd, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Maiden, Pride and Glory, Rush, Thin Lizzy
Things I Hate- Yuppies, Wiggers, Starbucks, Emo, Ska, MTV, and MTV...2!

 Funny, Ive been becoming a huge fan    2005-11-14 23:37:06 ET
What metal band are you?

Iced Earth

You are Iced Earth! Your music stems from classic heavy metal with slight thrash roots. You love melody in your music, and you definitely love adding the element of fantasy with reality when you write your songs. Rhythm speed, heaviness, and melody are what you're all about!

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 Back    2005-11-14 00:19:42 ET
I took some time off from this site, went and explored myspace, didnt like it too much, but im back.
I now live in Florida, Palm coast to be specific. Its a dead town over-run by emo's. Its a terrible thing, I've got to get my ass back to NYC, and fast. Well, im trying to start a band here for the time being, and things seem to be going well.
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 WOO HOO    2005-05-15 19:19:00 ET
as Homer Simpson would say

Got them Judas Priest tickes

Jones Beach June 17th

 DESTRUCTION OVERDRIVE    2005-05-08 11:24:55 ET
Forever rolling on
The wars we wage unknown
Eternal is the Blessed End
Destruction Overdrive
Disregard for life
Obsessed throughout the end of time- Ooooooohhhhh YEAH!

     2005-05-06 16:42:43 ET
Picked up the new Joe Perry album, its amazing. If your into good ol' american hard rock with a southern blues accent to it, GET IT
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