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Once a year seems to be my updating rate for a while... :-) But you still love me!

 It's today!    2010-07-12 05:02:34 ET
I'm tired, and it's almost time for the morning poo. I had more crazy dreams last night about end of the world stuff. I was also shooting fireworks...I can't remember why.

I just saw a post this morning where someone confessed that the hate coffee.


How can someone hate the life-giver of liquid? May they wither in denial until they accept the truth!

But I digress....

I've been frequently having these weird dreams about the world coming to an end. When I wake up from these dreams I feel like I've been running all night... I love the dreams, wish I could get the rest I need while I'm having them though!

 Hi Larsiedoodle!!!    2010-07-07 05:13:22 ET
It only took me one try to log in. Haha....half the time I can't remember what day it is....but I can remember my SK log-in and password!

I'm sitting here drinking my coffee, about to head to work. I know this is fascinating.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be going to Air Force basic training. Then it will probably be another year before I update this again! :-)

 Dave    2009-06-18 06:09:43 ET
Remember Dave in your thoughts and prayers. He's badly burned and might not pull through. Even though he's a stranger to you, prayers are valued.

 Hi! My name is Jenna...    2009-06-04 05:47:44 ET
....and I like eggs!

I also have a mosquito bite that itches real bad right now.

 . . .    2007-03-14 19:33:10 ET
ok it's been a while.

i believe that one of my stores is being taken over by doodle bugs. they're everywhere. i sweep...and 5 minutes later they are back. we exterminate....the next day they have returned with double their previous numbers. it's a dark dark day. we don't know what else to do. i can't help but think it might just be easier to give in. let go. give up.
i'm tired..
so tired.
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