Drawings, Deviant Art and Goober Glade
2010-06-18 18:12:12 ET

After painstaking work with Photo-chop, I managed to create a background graphic for the new website. I have to talk to my provider about access issues and the like, but I think I can launch the comic in August as planned.

But, you want pictures, right? Understandable :)

I started up a new Deviantart account for future prints and sketches. You can view here:

Please follow and comment.

2010-06-19 02:44:10 ET

hmmm... a goth who likes pink...

your deviant art is cute I suppose... need more time for more appropriate comments...

your Project Poppet site has a dead link

2010-06-19 17:00:34 ET

Pink and purple....where Is the dead Project Poppet?

2010-06-20 08:33:55 ET

The story link reports a 404 error...
And there is a project puppet site also...

2010-06-20 16:18:10 ET

Project puppet or perilous puppet? I happen to know the creator of Perilous Puppets and owe her some fan art!
I'll fix the story link tomorrow.

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