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Username: CrimsonClove

It came from: Yes, the Joan Jett song played a factor, but I do like cloves even if I can no longer obtain them.

Age: 31-I am already grumpy and jaded, but chock full of advice and wisdom. Ask anything.

Gender: Female

Occupation: Copy Catalog monkey for a university library

Zodiac sign: Sun sign Scorpio/rising sign Leo/moon sign Aries....remember the line about jaded and wisdom?....

Location: Connecticut, USA-pretty willing to travel too.

Now that the basic information is out of the way....good grief, some of this stuff you can see on any internet survey. Not that I can say much as I fill them out pretty regularly, but I digress.

I guess for all intents and purposes my subcultural affiliation is that of the classic type goth. I tend to dress according to comfort and mood, be it club wardrobe, which needs to be comfy as I love to dance, loafing about my apartment, or work. I listen to a wide variety of music, but my favorite bands include Sisters of Mercy, Rush, Garbage, Nick Cave, Stabbing Westward, and Berlin. I'm fairly easygoing, and in addition to my regular job, I self publish a novel set in a fictional goth scene entitled "Social Disease" which recently won an honorable mention in of all things, a contest for beach reads. I also publish a webcomic called "Project Poppet" which I like to take on the road at webcomic and anime conventions. Hopefully, I get to travel the country with this venture and meet even some of you in real time.

Quick note about the journal entries: These will most likely discuss knitting projects, comic stuff among other things. I will also say a few things, and ask questions to initiate discussion. Nothing inflammatory, of course. The key is discussion :)

 Connecticon    2010-07-07 03:24:43 ET
Artist Alley setup is tomorrow night.
My web domain space issues have been resolved, after mentioning the Better Business Bureau. Nice to know that this is the only time my log in problems are relevant.
I come to find out that my last boyfriend lied about why he wanted to break up, namely he was likely cheating on me. I have reason to believe other friends knew.

 Drawings, Deviant Art and Goober Glade    2010-06-18 18:12:12 ET
After painstaking work with Photo-chop, I managed to create a background graphic for the new website. I have to talk to my provider about access issues and the like, but I think I can launch the comic in August as planned.

But, you want pictures, right? Understandable :)

I started up a new Deviantart account for future prints and sketches. You can view here:

Please follow and comment.

 Webspace    2010-06-14 07:38:18 ET
I can't seem to manage my webfiles with regard to the two domain names.

 It's 2 a.m.    2010-06-12 21:03:44 ET
And I am watching American Gangster after coming home from a birthday party.

So, what do you guys do late at night; weeknight or weekend? Talk to one another :)
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 Hello    2010-06-11 20:24:13 ET
I should not be up at this hour.....I sure as hell should not think of scanning in pictures that I drew recently for a second webcomic I am plotting, and hope to launch before GenCon. If Connecticon were later in July, I could try to get it going for that convention, but it's the weekend of the 9th, and honestly, I can sell prints and promote it as something coming soon.

I could end up a comic making machine as I wanted to be in high school? Probably not, but I'd like to get to a point where I could be a part time librarian, even if it means driving a circulation or reference desk at late hours while vending at conventions.

The economy being what it is, I am going to just be thankful for gainful employment. Any employment, really.