It's 2 a.m.
2010-06-12 21:03:44 ET

And I am watching American Gangster after coming home from a birthday party.

So, what do you guys do late at night; weeknight or weekend? Talk to one another :)

2010-06-20 09:42:41 ET

What did you think of American Ganster?

Late nights I usually just chat with my cousins with a random monster movie in the background. If no one's around I write letters to my friends while coming up with excuses to not go see my ex. I do this while skaying and frustrating the hell out of Motard. Not too long ago she threatened to murder my face off.

When I actually do leave the house, I go to my bar and drink while trying to occupy as much of the bartender's time as possible. I don't hit on her, but she likes talking to me and my friend. The other men there get get highly aggravated by this. They get their drink's slower, and see less of her bosom.

Sometimes I'll take a train ride up the coast when the moon is bright. Just so I can stare at the water. I don't take anyone with me usually.

Until recently, my absolute favorite activity was to curl up infront of a delicious bottle of brandy and read reverte novels. Now that my knee is injured, I can't enjoy my vice.

Now when I get restless I just lift weights. I realize there's not much variation but that's how I like things these days.

Welcome to sk! Thanks for adding me!

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