Hates you.

 Eh.    2005-08-28 21:10:12 ET

Good to be back. Think I'll stick around a while.

It's one week now before school starts for me. So allow me to regale you all with a love story.

You know the story. Boy becomes close friends with Girl, Boy falls for Girl, Girl sends out mixed signals, girl turns her head when boy goes in for a kiss, Girl says that she's not looking for a boyfriend right now, Boy broods, Girl flirts with another guy at a party in front of boy, boy drinks heavily, Girl calls Boy drunkenly and tells him how great and respectable he is but how she fears she'll become a psycho bitch should they go out, Boy asks Girl to tell him the truth, that she's not attracted to him, she does so without hesitation, Boy takes leave from Girl for a week to eat ribs with Brian and Dan and Jeff (edit: AND GLENN, THE WHINIEST BITCH EVER, YOU'RE WELCOME GLENN) and spend time not digesting his stomach lining for a change. Boy comes back, Girl does more shit to boy that he's blanked out of his memory, Girl makes out with another guy but hey it's okay because there's no emotion attached and talks about it freely with the Boy. Boy finally fucking snaps.

Needless to say, tonight I had to end a friendship with an otherwise great person and close friend because they had become cancerous to my being.

This life thing? I'm still no good at it. I demand a do-over.


 Rip me asunder plz.    2005-07-12 23:08:19 ET
I come back from the dead to remind you all, as everyone always does, that girls are frustrating and DefJan needs to make good on his Roofies hookup so that I can remedy this issue. That is all.

 I'm on the rapes    2005-05-25 19:13:21 ET
Demon Days? Red hot.

3 days left of class spread out between 8 days. Too bad my hardest 2 projects are in my 2 remaining classes. Fuck. Everything falls apart on the last week it seems, with my aunt coming up to visit. Working out, by the way, is wretchedly difficult when you have no space to work out in your room. I'm in need of a girl fairly bad at this point as well, as I seem to be raking my nails over my eyes from stress and frustration. It does not help that I seemingly am unable to attract any girls save for those 16 and younger, and that shit's just wrong. Sith? Resounding 'meh.' Lucas needs to stop directing and just focus on making stories.

Anyone know a good masseuse or massage therapy student or whatever? I'm a big bundle of nerves at this point but I don't got much money to blow on something I regularly don't see necessary.

In summation, I hearby trademark the character and flavor "Statuatory Grape." And "Statuatory Ape" for good measure.

     2005-03-25 21:51:10 ET

I have a BIG BIG MONITOR to match my BIG BIG THIRST FOR HUMAN BLOOD. A 21" IBM P260. It is sex.

I broke down and bought WoW. Cry for me.

I hate PHP.

Doom Camaro's back on the road.

I met a girl on the internet and hung out with her two weeks ago. It was glorious. Too bad she lives in St. Louis.

I may or may not be the devil.

And most of all:

[01:37] McPimpenheimer: hour ago I agreed to go see a girl I just met on OkCupid.
[01:37] ConvulsusSomnium: uhm
[01:37] ConvulsusSomnium: dont die
[01:38] McPimpenheimer: So don't wait up on me tomorrow night because my gutted corpse will be hanging from someone's ceiling


     2005-02-23 16:16:25 ET
Well, last week my best childhood friend came back for 2 weeks from the air force, somehow stealthed over to motherfucking Washingston state, got married to a girl whom none of us have ever met (he's 19, btw), and has returned, only to leave us Friday. How was your fucking week?

School also started last week, which is of course a pain in the bitch. Looks like I don't get off easy this time like I did last semester. 3 IM classes plus 2 Geneds (only one of which being a blowoff, unfortunately) is really going to be a punch in the balls. Fuck. I remember the days when I was bogged down with a tremendous amount of work in high school, and I'll be damned if I'm going to return to those times. That whose exertion thing? And effort? The pits, man.

     2005-02-17 20:06:33 ET
So night before last or so I had to put The Master down easy, yo. Well, as easy as you can with plasma blasts targetted towards his eyestalk. And doing it again, this time coercing him into suicide. I <3 Fallout. <3<3<3. Hey, the longer I go before purchasing World of Warcraft, the more money in my pocket.

Started Intro to Production. This should be useful, seeing as I'll learn some honest-to-god markup languages for once as opposed to being at the mercy of Frontpage or the OpenOffice editors.

...Looking back at these two paragraphs, I definitely think I need to get out of the house this weekend.

     2005-02-16 16:48:07 ET
Oh, shit. That's right, I have an SK account. Fuck.

You can thank Jan, I guess. He was the one to pester me into getting one of these, and the one to pester me into updating it. Well, kind of. Expect a real update when I actually have something to fucking say.
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 A telegram!    2004-07-30 22:30:46 ET

 Nerding out.    2004-07-29 21:46:05 ET
There's a copy of Ys III for Super Nintendo sitting somewhere in my room.

Let me tell you a little bit about this game. Wanderers from Ys.

A fair amount of people seem to have a hard-on for the Ys series. Having only played the third (which seems to be a bastardization of the series I see), I really can't say I'm impressed with it. Side-scroller with hack and slash action and jerky parallax scrolling backgrounds. Really big text. Cool music, though. It's also really really short. Like, it can be beaten in mere hours if you manage to not get hit too often and can manage some powerlevelling, legitimate or otherwise. Why do I mention this game, out of the pile of rad games I have sitting in my room?

I bought it when I was seven. I still have not yet beaten it 12 years later. It is very, very hard.

Well, maybe not so much now. I tried playing through last summer, and I got right up to the penultimate boss; Garland, I think it is. After beating Garland, who is as expected hard as fuck, you don't get to heal before you face the big blob, Galbaran. I think that's his name. Thus, it's really vital to get through Garland with little to no damage. I managed last summer to just get hit once. This is not good enough for me. I spent a good amount of time killing the tall fucker, trying not to get pegged with his lightning nor his big big energy blasts, completely ignoring beating the game just so I could make beating the game a tad easier for me. I eventually gave up and put the controller down.

I'm weird like that.

Actually, there's two more reasons why I mention this game. First of all, the game was released for 3 systems: SNES, Genesis, and TurboGraphix 16 in CD for. As expected, the Turbographix version seems to be the bee's tits, judging by what I've heard audio-wise and from other people. Anyways, I'm gonna hunt down a copy on eBay seeing as they go for pennies.

The other reason is that some company is remaking the damn thing for PS2 with some real pretty graphics. In the event that this comes out on this side of the ocean, I'll have to break down and buy a PS2 between this game and the new Brave Fencer Musashi coming out. And this is coming from a guy that hasn't touched a new RPG since I got bored and snapped my friend's copy of FF9 in half. Did him afucking favor, I did.

Next time: I write a 3 page dissertation on the majesty and glory of REZ.
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 Eyes are fused shut.    2004-07-28 09:42:31 ET
Oh jesus I feel like crap

Room's a mess. Gotten too much sleep past two days. Too much gaming. Not enough physical exertion. I feel like shit. Each time this happens (and luckily it doesn't happen too often) I promise myself I'll never fuckup like that again. Fast-forward three months from now, repeat. Ugh.

At least I washed the Camaro last night. Now pardon me, I've got a room to clean.

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