Anomalism 7-16    2003-07-16 17:42:02 ET
I added some pics, seems to have worked. I'm sitting here eating Tyson spicy chicken tenders and some kind of oven fries. Easy bake stuff that a man can make without messing up. I'm listening to my son's mp3 files(he wrote his own player), they are in a strange order. I just went from Primus to thrak to Depech Mode to mushroomhead? and now I have 18 lbs of cat wanting my food, his name is Baldric alias "the load." I'll do a pic of some of the (6) cats later.

 Anomalism 7-12    2003-07-12 09:15:10 ET
Much more awake now, had my Mc griddles and coffee and a healthy does of Hidden Fortress. Ahh feels good! I was getting blurry on that last post (and there is still way too much cat hair on this key pad, they have to be putting it back when I'm not here).
My son Geoffrey (Fefnir and Saiyamar at Game Revolution*) is at Navy basic and will be gone for 9 weeks. We will see him at graduation.(cool) My younger son Rudger(who wants to be a cooler and more dangerous Steve Erwin) is off visiting the grand parents for the summer. They live out in the country west of Hamilton OH where he can spend his days terorising the woodland creatures. (if its loose in the woods so is he and sooner or later it will be in his hand). His ambition is to surpass my list of bare hand captures of species, and he probably will.
*= Geoff did the reviews for Turok II, and Syphon Filter(when he was 15) as Fefnir for Game Revolution, and was a supervising operator and IR cop for the chat rooms as Saiyamar.
As you may have noticed I am intensly proud of both my boysand am very Blessed.
Now I have to figure out and get started on my to do list for today.
I think this page needs more pics and stuff.

 anomalism 7-10    2003-07-10 19:21:52 ET
Yes I have decided to call the entries anomalisms. First off much thank to everyone who has welcomed me to SK. No entry for 7-9 because I worked 15 hrs, only14 today and I seem to have some energy left for this. Not much though, I'm fading fast. Dispite my best efforts, Jaeerd my helper just will not meltdown. Yep lost my thread time to go crash

 Navy basic 7-8    2003-07-08 17:07:35 ET
My elder son leaves for Navy basic tomorrow, a new experience for all of us.

 More 7-7    2003-07-07 13:48:23 ET
Picted up some of my favorite films today, Seven Samurai, Hidden Fortress,Yojimbo,Sanjuro box dvd. I'm in sub title heaven. Also picked up Master of Orion 3 so when I get time? I can brutally conquer another galaxy and subjigate millions of aliens, or not. And Noodle witt the cat(who's name is mouse) is nudging and licking and wanting to play fetch. Hey some body tell this noob(me), how the chat thing works please, I'm a tourist not a geek so I havn't a clue yet. Many thanks in advance to the person who helps.

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