Not Quite Anomalism7-27    2003-07-26 20:30:06 ET
Must crash now, yer all nuts!(and thats cool with me)

 Anomalism7-26 Digression    2003-07-26 17:36:33 ET
I spent a bunch o money to day. Some because I wanted to but not as much as I wanted. Some because I had to and it was more than I wanted to(ugh). I went to the exchange and got $50 worth of CDs, some Massive Attack,Les Claypool's Frog Brigade,Tangerine Dream, King Crimson, Joe Satriani. More in a bit.
Sorry for the break in the entry, the lady Anomalous arrived home and I had to fetch dinner.
Now for the part where I spent money that I didn't want to. My son who is now at Navy Basic, was given for his birthday in December a cell phone, which he some how ran over with a jeep 3 days before he left. Well the contract is for 2 yrs and thier is no sense paying the bill with no phone on the line. So I went and bought a replacement phone and added a line so the the Lady and I could get some use out of it. Since my boy won't be using it for about 4 yrs. That cost about $270 which I would rather spend on weapons or some other toy or hell I could spend it at the dentist or some thing! so that was unpleasant
I did feel a great temptation to buy this nice surplused soviet pistol at the gun shop, but alas I cintrolled my self (for the moment).
On a different subject Whats up with vans and the people that drive them? I mean like "message to all van pilots; if you are not moving faster than the vehicle to your right then GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LANE! because I am moving faster. I mean if cars had weapons thier'd be charred hulks all over the high ways. I say vans because thier seems to be a higher % of slow, timid, and or just plain oblivious drivers purchasing vans than other types of cars. You might as well put a sign on the door saying "I'm a twit". Where's Kilted Lunatic? we need litagation to keep vans out of the fast lane. Realy, has anyone ever seen an aggressive van pilot? And another thing, this is a public service announcment. For all of you people who when entering the highway, wait until you are at the absolute end of the ramp before you turn your head to look and see if there is a gap in the traffic "YOUR AN IDIOT!" The world outside your imediate field of vision DOES still exist, and its coming at you. " Note " the triangular"yield the right of way" sign is in your lane. That means you are responsible to "MERGE" with traffic. Traffic is not responsible to make room for you. Thos of you who can empathise with me here raise an angry fist and shake it in the direction of the nearest highway and growell, ready Grrrrrr!!. Those of you who are guilty of these things better do the same so that every one else doesn't figure out who you are.

 Anomalism 7-22    2003-07-22 17:31:12 ET
Feel much better now, slammed a couple dbbl cheeze burgs. I may survive. See, instead of getting cleaned up and feeding when I got home form 12hrs work I stupidly came up here and got sucked into SK for 2 hrs. You people are addictive you know.
Sunday was good food day (kabobs), today is BKn it.
The multi black belt guy from work didn't bring in any of the toys he promised to show me today so some of you may be right about him.
Anybody know what you can mix with brake fluid to make it blow up?
They did finaly get my trailer fixed(mysteriously over the weekend) so work will go a little smoother now. Monday we will have a forman meeting for complaints to mannagement and other foremen and stuff. Should I give em hell?
And there's cat hair and a cat on the keyboard(this time it's Mouse the cat).

 Anomalism 7-18    2003-07-18 18:29:24 ET
I had a long conversation with a very very dangerous co worker today after work. It appears that he has been studying martial arts since he was 3. He has 5 black belts and he thinks of knife fighting as a sport(he showed me the suture kit that he carries with him all the time). He also has many projectile weapons as well. His father and brother are special forces types so they are a fairly deadly family. Very interesting yes?

 Anomalism 7-17    2003-07-17 17:42:26 ET
I'm having the same dinner again tonight. I am sure I will be criticised by the lady Anomalous when she gets home. But it tasted like "do it again" ya know. And the load is pestering me for food again(he's on a diet).
I thought that I would need duct tape to hold my head on when I ask one of my bosses today why my dissabled trailer(for hauling my mowers around )was not being repaired. He said something about having to order and then wait for an axel like the other downed trailer. I then mentioned to him that the other trailer is larger and newer than mine and that the axel that they tried to use on it was actually for my trailer. I then suggested to him that we might just might should try putting it on my trailer(WERE IT GOES) so that we could at least appear to have a clue! He gave me an uncomprehending look, I could see that gears were turning but solutions were not being reached. I gave up, I guess leading them step by step through the process was not enough . Or maybe if it is not thier idea it cannot be a good idea, even though these people have thier jobs because I declined to be promoted ahead of them. Ugghhh!!!
She just walked in and she did mention the sameness of dinner.

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