2009-06-04 15:26:33 ET

I'm homesick. It's cool and all that I get to live in England, but I feel as though all my friends are passing me by as I'm stuck here.

I looked at a picture of some of my best friends from when I was 16, and I cannot remember their names.

2009-04-04 08:35:24 ET

Amanda Palmer is fantastic:

Lots of nerdcore hip-hop located here (most not so good, but still free and some of it is pretty good):
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2009-03-20 21:54:28 ET

What is language? Language is the manner in which we, human beings, communicate ideas between one another. What is an idea? It is that which resides in the mind of the individual. Ideas can be as mundane as recognizing that a blue car is in fact blue, or as complex as feeling love for another individual. Ideas are all that make us, for our senses merely provide the data to our mind and our mind establishes the ideas with which we view and understand the world.

Now that we know what an idea is, let us delve deeper into language. Human language consists of two broadly defined areas: The written word and the spoken word. They are different in the mediums which they occur, but both share many similarities. They are both defined by and controlled by a logical structure with standardized rules to better aid the flow of ideas from one individual to others. Without structure the communication flow slows down and leads to confusion in the those minds receiving the ideas.

Confusion leads to misunderstanding. This is because the receivers of the information must fill in the gaps in the communications with their own ideas. Since it is impossible to directly understand another person, these ideas are ultimately unique to the individual. So in using poor communication skills (i.e. disregarding the structure of language) we can only ensure that our ideas will not be conveyed to our listeners/readers properly.

So, for fuck's sake, learn to spell and use some fucking punctuation.

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