2009-09-19 11:35:39 ET

Me: "Can music save your mortal soul?"

Him: Depends on who's mixing.

Me: A voodoo DJ sent by G.O.D. to punish the wicked and lay sick beats for the true believers. Beats so thick and riffs so ripe that the world will reverberate at the perfect rate predicted by Tesla to split the world into many pieces, each one shaped into a five pointed star to be used as currency by the Old Ones with star heads flying through space on bat wings gifted to them by Van Halen.

Rock and Roll
2009-09-12 03:36:18 ET

Recently I've been on a big classic rock kick. I used to be really into classic rock, specifically blues inspired stuff, but I've fallen away from it in the past few years. Maybe it's coming back? Song of the moment? Do It Again by Steely Dan

2009-06-18 09:39:31 ET

I was able to attend the Summer Exhibition this year, held by the Royal Academy of the Arts in London. If you ever get the chance, go. The event is dedicated to displaying work of unknown artists next to the well known and revered current artists. It was fantastic.

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