2023-04-16 00:06:00 ET

look guys it’s called “panda express” because of the rate it causes shit to expel from your anus.

eat a panda bowl now, fill a panda bowl soon!

2023-04-16 03:10:31 ET

I had a thought that reminded me of you the other day...but it was shit.

2023-04-16 10:10:57 ET

i live to inspire!

2023-04-16 12:30:48 ET

... it all makes sense now!

2023-04-16 15:12:12 ET

Panda Express®
"The Farts Are Just A Bonus"™

2023-04-18 15:24:15 ET

You've been eating PandEx totally wrong; use the orange chicken as a suppository.

2023-04-18 19:57:26 ET

oh ok

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