2022-01-07 13:56:15 ET

got my illegal chips and i'm ready to party

2022-01-07 23:56:51 ET

omg you guys the horse chips are seriously some of the best chips i’ve ever had. you guys.

2022-01-08 02:35:22 ET

I have no such chips, and feel like I'm probably more ready than you to party.

2022-01-08 02:43:42 ET

can’t party without illegal chips. that’s the new rule for 2022.

2022-01-10 13:47:00 ET

I’ve been super curious about the horse meat chips. Good to know they’re tasty! Please report back on the maggot cheese.

2022-01-10 16:24:58 ET

the horse meat ones are legitimately like nothing else i've ever tasted and i don't even know what to compare the flavor to. *sort of* like beef steak but way richer and sweeter. i've seen online reviews of actual horse steak that says it's a bit gamey and i can see that too. it's entirely its own thing, and it's fucking delicious and i really wish someone would keep making these chips now. ha.

the casu marzu ones basically taste like a cross between cheddar and ranch flavoring. it's good, but i don't think it's something i'd eat live maggots just to taste.

fugu is the oddest. a somewhat salty / tangy fish flavor that also leaves your mouth feeling like you just ate a bunch of menthol. 🤷‍♂️

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