2021-09-15 23:10:05 ET

an interview everyone should watch in its entirety.

2021-09-16 16:55:47 ET

Can you summarize? I'm so fuckin tired of hearing people talk about covid.

2021-09-16 19:28:11 ET

this one isn’t very summarizeable as this guy gets into a lot - but it’s a lot you’ll never see on TV and completely bucks the ongoing media narrative and cuts through all the bullshit. it’s the doctor who invented the mRNA vaccine, who basically isn’t allowed on TV now because he cares about science as opposed to endless propaganda. it’s very much worth watching and i’m sick of hearing about covid too. but this isn’t anything you’ll hear on TV or elsewhere in US media.

2021-09-17 20:53:23 ET

Covid more like novid

2021-09-18 01:02:49 ET


2021-09-19 14:31:13 ET

The click baity title really threw me off. I was expecting something I could make fun of. Instead it's just a really great talk with lots of context and nuance.

Now I'll have to share it to others.

2021-09-19 14:56:09 ET

jimmy’s a comedian before he’s a journalist (though he does the latter better than most other present-day journalists regardless) so video titles aren’t always his forte, but his content is always excellent and spot-on and refreshingly unlike anything you’ll see or hear on most US media. and yeah this interview is 100% worth sharing with anyone on the right or left of the spectrum. if anyone still clings to their propaganda after hearing all this from the man who invented mRNA himself, i’d say they’re pretty much a lost cause.

2021-09-19 17:38:05 ET

just FYI, but his claims to be "the" inventor of mRNA vaccination is about as accurate as Al Gore claiming to have invented the internet. His work was definitely foundational towards it, but there's a lot of other people that can make that claim.

2021-09-19 18:41:12 ET

i would say just the first two paragraphs of that article alone killed your al gore analogy. malone absolutely did discover and pioneer the mRNA research that would become this vaccine, regardless of how many built on that after he set the ball in motion. al gore just allegedly coined the term “information superhighway” and nothing else, many years after the internet had already been around.

2021-09-20 12:37:25 ET


2021-09-20 12:55:28 ET

yes i'm well aware. like i said, the difference is al gore did jack fucking shit and took credit for things he didn't do, whereas malone actually did invent and pioneer the discovery and subsequent research that created mRNA vaccines, regardless of however many other people built on that after he dropped the pebble in the stream. he at least dropped the pebble. al gore just said meaningless words and didn't actually do anything.

2021-09-21 09:52:54 ET

I'm here for the laughs fellas. Cut the rhetoric out and back to the dick jokes please.

2021-09-21 12:25:17 ET

if only i still had that code saved where i used to put that stupid spinning dick gif on the background of threads.

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