2021-03-27 23:15:24 ET

someone remade myspace and, from what i can tell, it's fully functional.

i'm at https://spacehey.com/larsbamble if i decide to actually use the thing.

2021-03-27 23:35:23 ET

No one:

Absolutely no one at all:

Spacehey: MySpace is back behbee! Check it out, we sent an invite to Tom and everything!

Now I'm tempted to get an account just to see if they let you do the custom html thing. Bringing that <blink> tag in to the 21st century.

2021-03-27 23:46:19 ET

it seems to have a pretty rapidly growing userbase for what it is. i think plenty of people are hungry to go back to a world that's not manipulated by engagement algorithms and datamining, whether they asked for this specifically or not.

also yes, you can do html (in fact it's the only way to insert links, formatting, etc), the whole nine-yards - exactly how myspace was when i worked there in 05/06. i'm pretty damn impressed. heh

2021-03-29 09:33:37 ET

I wish the datamining genie could get put back in to the bottle. I liked the internet as it was- mostly freewheeling and full of weirdness you had to discover on your own. This whole profiling you to package up as a commodity all while clutching pearls that someone might see a nipple thing it's become sucks.

2021-03-29 14:06:45 ET

i don't see it getting put back in the bottle til big tech companies are broken up and some reasonable legislation shows up to shut it all down. when and if that happens, who knows. i'm glad california has done *some* stuff towards the end of data privacy and at least forcing many sites to give users the option to shut it off, but it's certainly not enough.

also my friends requests keep building on spacehey. for whatever reason, it seems like everyone on it is either 30-40+ or a teenager, and not much in-between.

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