2021-02-20 19:06:28 ET

i remember once back in the days of SK yore that some punk kid posted some entry ranting about how they didn't like KMFDM cause KMFDM are "fuckin techno" and they didn't like techno.

i proceeded to respond with some self-deluded sUbKuLtUrEz rant about how this person clearly was am wrong cuz KMFDM is iNdUsTrIaL and not techno.

well, i'm just here now to state for the record, having long since been exposed to literally the rest of the world of music, that KMFDM is, in fact, just fuckin techno.

still good, though.

also, remember this fuckin thing?

going back to the dead parts of this site is weird, man.

2021-02-21 22:31:03 ET

Damn I actually don't remember that fuckin thing at all, but I guess it was pretty short-lived.

At some point I remember looking at the different iterations of the SK main page on archive.org and they had a few that still had the old rotating banners with the different emo/rivet/etc. characters like on the SK news thing but I guess they're not there anymore. From what I remember they're still hosted on here somewhere if you can find the actual URL. I'd posted them all on my own page at some point but can't find that either.

2021-02-21 23:23:52 ET

i believe it. i've still found random images from both of my old pages (TurboSkanker and turbo) still hosted here despite the accounts long being deleted as well.

i kinda miss the color rotating banners at the top. they'd be so delightfully retro now. gotta love that checkered pixel pattern to give them pseudo transparency before CSS or PNGs were used for such things.

2021-02-22 02:33:54 ET

i remember that. & i read all the sides, & then went out for mongolian bbQ

2021-02-22 02:45:20 ET

back when we all occasionally met up and did stuff too - as opposed to now now where roughly 80-90% of this site's userbase seems to have fallen off the face of the planet with so many dead profiles here not even providing links to any of their existence outside of SK.

i do feel like this site - or at least its inherent design - could be "resurrected" into something more fruitful again, especially in this day and age where so many are so sick of what antisocial media and the algorithm manipulated / datelined internet have become. just not really sure how to make such a thing happen. and still kind of amazed this site still exists in any functional way when so many others from its era are now, at best, just museum pieces on archive.org.

2021-02-22 17:54:38 ET

I'd hate to see the site change in any significant way at this point, it's been exactly the same for so long that it just wouldn't feel right. I still say that one or two minor tweaks - like displaying private profiles on the main page so that it's clear that this is still a somewhat active site and opening up/automating registration - would result in at least 2 or 3 random people signing up for the site, which would be a decent increase in active membership percentage-wise.

2021-02-22 18:19:46 ET

i wouldn't want anything substantial to change, either - just more stating that i feel the site as it is would likely have enough of an appeal to get more active again, hell maybe even find a way to monetize itself ethically, if more of the right people knew it existed.

i think your idea of at least allowing privatized avatars on the front-page is a good one. not sure about automating registration, but then i'm not sure what the alternative is either outside of adding more moderators besides m0xie, none of whom would be getting paid at least initially.

i also see no real reason to not start allowing things like media embeds so long as autoplay is disabled. especially since flash is now dead and HTML embeds are far less annoying / dubious. also getting rid of objectively archaic things like the 100k image size limit which, to those of us who have been on the internet since the 90s is amusing, but still rather ridiculous in the year 2021. SK doesn't even support PNGs ffs.

2021-02-22 18:26:55 ET

also that comment up there should have said "datamined" not datelined but autocorrect is a fascist bitch.

2021-02-22 18:37:28 ET

also (this is just me being a designer) SK could really use some small color changes for certain UI elements.

2021-02-23 00:57:05 ET


or rather, that, what you all said.

2021-02-24 11:36:10 ET

hmm who was it? i feel like i remember this happening vaguely but can't really remember who the other person was.

also is it realistic to think sk could be revived in this day and age? not saying i wouldn't want it to be, i would, but...

2021-02-24 13:46:28 ET

i honestly don't recall who it was specifically. there was a small group of hipster / punk accounts on here back then that all sort of blended together personality-wise, and it was one of them, but i don't remember which one. 🤷‍♂️

so far as SK being revived, given where web trends have gone in recent years - lots of people continuing to leave or otherwise growing sick of (anti)social media, web design continuing to go back to a more minimalist, straightforward approach, and apps like vero and clubhouse gaining popularity largely because they don't have any datamining or convoluted BS otherwise, yeah, while i don't think SK would do gangbusters, i do think SK has a lot that would appeal to people now more than ever. all the sites that replaced SK have worn out their welcome. more and more people are realizing one way or another that these older, non-addictive, non-manipulating platforms (like SK, myspace, et al) were really better for them than the addictive-by-design, wholly manipulative, and increasingly toxic platforms they left them for (like twitter and facebook).

that said, SK would need to figure out a way to get the word out to more of these folks, and it probably wouldn't do so well without a few small tweaks to its UI/UX. but the core design here is honestly a pretty timeless one, and could do quite well in this growing post-social-media climate we're seeing nowadays. SK could essentially just become an older and wiser version of its original incarnation.

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