2019-03-22 19:06:25 ET

the mueller report contains jack-fucking-shit and fuck-all in terms of indictable offenses or any real russian connections.

add this to the long list of things i've correctly predicted that no one wanted to fucking hear.

p.s. have fun when the whole US economy collapses in the near future at a level we've never seen before - but you won't hear the truth about that on the news til it happens, either.

stay distracted.

2019-03-23 13:49:27 ET

Hmm? The report hasn't been publicly released yet. And no "real russian connections"? Manafort alone worked for Yanukovych for something like 10 years. Gets basically kicked out of Ukraine after the Maidan revolution and then gets hired out of nowhere as the campaign manager for Trump?

I don't get people saying what the Mueller report says when almost nobody's seen it yet.

Though, to be fair, it is claimed that it's already been leaked and is located here:

But I don't know how real it is. Page #23 is extremely eye-opening though.

2019-03-23 17:03:48 ET

the fact that mueller is indicting no one was public knowledge right away. that's all you need to know to know the "russian collusion/treason" shit is utter nonsense.

will trump likely be found guilty of a shit-ton of financial fraud and money laundering generally unrelated to his presidency once he's not president anymore and sent to prison then? likely. will the corrupt people he's committed said fraud and laundering with include russians and people from literally every other country he has a building in? probably.

still doesn't change the fact that no one is being indicted and it's painfully obvious (as it has been all along to anyone looking for actual evidence) that the whole "russia russia russia treason!!1" shit is absolute BS and a pure distraction tactic by the corporatist US media who will blame anyone else but our own damn country for the fact that hillary just fucking lost in 2016.

here's some good commentary:

2019-03-24 10:36:57 ET

Nobody new is being indicted. 34 people and 3 companies have been indicted during the investigation. Some of them pled guilty, others have been found guilty, others are awaiting trial.

I'm not drawing any conclusions until the report comes out. Yeah, Hillary did lose and my current theory is that Russia helped Trump because they wanted to damage Hillary but I don't think neither the Russian government nor Trump expected to win the election. That's the hilarious part.

Also, what did you think of the leaked report?

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