Posted by me on craigslist:
2007-04-27 09:16:53 ET

"Guitar player is looking for a bassist, a drummer, and/or even an existing group that could use a guitarist who has practiced Blues, Hard Rock and Metal for several years. Nothing serious, just something to do besides going to work everyday. Practicing and gigging is what I have in mind."

So, here are some of the replies:

"Hey we are currently trying out guitarist to join our 4 piece hard/rock metal band!

Our web page is

If you are interested intrying out shoot me an e-mail with ur age and influences and years of skill, and what type of skills you have"

" Hey whats up?? 2nd guitarist needed for rock/pop
band, with an 80's pop/rock/pop/ metal sound....

examples include: a shot in the dark by ozzy /
runaway by bonjovi / fantasy by aldo nova / wait by
white lion / the final countdown by europe.......


if ur still looking?? call me , wer are all on
staten island too....."

"-Hey Man-
Just read your ad on craigslist, We are looking for 2 new guitarists. we want to push the boundaries of metal, mixing progressive with black metal... Listen to
Thanks "

I'm not looking for another job, just some new friends who are into the shit I'm into. Sergey proposes the following:

(13:49:40) Enamon23: Why don't you put shit like
(13:49:55) Enamon23: Influences: Black Sabbath. Opeth, Iron Maiden, Avril Lavigne.
(13:50:23) Enamon23: Looking to play: Arenas, Bars, Bar Mitzvahs.

NEWS FLASH: I know the guitar player from Perfect Sync ( His name is Joe and I know him from my days at the public access station. He was one the people who influenced me to pick up the guitar.

2007-04-27 10:39:37 ET

You had a birthday a few days ago!!!! Happy late birthday.

2007-04-28 08:17:09 ET

Why, thank you Courtney.

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