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I'm Tony. I'm 30. I'm vegan, 11 years and going. I run, I do computer stuff, and I draw. I do comics at I have one nerd book out, and I'm working on my second. I'm a pervert.

Music: Pop Will Eat Itself, Dan the Automator, DJ Shadow, Kool Keith (and his many incarnations), Jesus Jones, Prince Paul, Esthero, Zero 7, Del(tron), Air, MC Paul Barman, RJD2. Basically hip-hop, trip-hop, and brit-pop.

I also am quite fond of: Cartoons, such as Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, Home Movies.

AIM: smoove tony

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New Home
2004-10-05 12:49:52 ET

Not for me, but for It's currently a colo'd server sitting in a data center on the other side of town. I've got to find a new home for it, so I'm checking various dedicated server hosting places.

I can't just use some hokey $8 a month web hosting account, as I need hundreds of megabytes of MySQL storage space, multiple domains, list server, and many other features that require root access. Plus it makes me look cool to have root.

Looks like it'll be around $99 a month, which kind of sucks. Since I've been getting hosting for free, I've been offering services for free. Now I think I'll have to figure out how to make it pay for itself.

Haven't Updated In A While
2004-09-12 22:03:26 ET

Yeah, woops.

Not much going on. I saw my address on [adult swim] tonight. They had a mural painted on the side of a building accross the street from me, and they showed pictures of it as a bump during commercial break for Venture Bros. That makes me kinda better than you.

2004-06-11 20:14:13 ET

Here is my current desktop:

Linux iptables config up on the left, new monitor on the right. Drawing tablet in the middle.

2004-06-05 21:19:48 ET

I'm running benchmarks right now on two separate systems. I was contacted by one of the maintainers of NetBSD's pkgsrc (similar to FreeBSD's ports system), letting me know I should try a recent copy of the pkgsrc.tar tarball, as it would compile me a MySQL. So now it's compiling away.

On my FreeBSD benchmarks, it looks like even with LinuxThreads, FreeBSD 4.10 does not scale with the addition of another processor. So far my results are identical for single and dual-processor configurations. I wonder how 5.2.1 will fare.

2004-05-02 16:35:46 ET

I just got a new monitor. A Samsung 213T, a 21 inch LCD. That's right, 21 inches. LCD. This thing is fucking huge. It's so much bigger than my old 17 inch LCD and so much more real estate I'm getting motion sickness just looking at it.


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