2005-06-20 20:05:19 ET
I am really sick and tired of people thinking that just becuase I had a bad fucking year, that I don't care about anything any more.

First of all my father started hitting me agian and when I went to swim class my friends asked me about my scabs and bruises. Then Joanna offers to have me move in, and my mother tells me get out of the house before I end up taking care of dad for the rest of life. My pearents split up becuase of me and my bother has to live in a broken home. Then my Mom can't afford health insurance any more. Then I spend $650+ on a home I live in for a week. So when Joanna goes psycho on my ass, I have no health insurce, no job, no money and no place to live. So then I have to spend my days waiting in line for gov't help, then when I get that help, I get, the flu, fallowed by brochitis, fallowed by the stomache flu, fallowed by a months worth of antibiotics that don't work for strep, that turns into strep,mono,and toncilitis,which takes me out of school and work for a month, and then comes the last two weeks of school, and then I get fired for not having a penis.

So right now I am still in school scheduled to get an '05 deploma.

I sorry if my life doesn't fit into what you thought it would be right now
but I probably have more goals, and plans for my future than any mother fucker who graduted on time.

 So anyway    2005-06-01 11:37:15 ET
So Lucinda is in Moberly, and I miss her alot. I feel like I lost the only person who considers me a friend. I'm tried of my life, I just want to move and disapire. I am sad. Its daniels and my 6 mo aniversary. He's being mean to me though. I have nothing to do.
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