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Depends on the day.

I am feeing (like I need car seats made from chupacabra leather) today.

     2011-05-19 17:02:03 ET
I will be at work Sat. when the rapture comes, think we could do it Sun.?
It would so be better for my work schedule, I do not get vaccation days you know.

     2011-05-17 16:51:17 ET
So, I heard a news story today about this Mother who gave her 8 year old daughter BOTOX injections to help with her wrinkles. Her defense was that all the other pageants moms were doing it. Fucking sick!!
Baa Baa Baa Baa

     2011-05-16 16:37:20 ET
The astronauts are going to play with Legos on the space station!!!
How cool is that!!

     2011-05-14 16:05:22 ET
Just thinking about me and Gryfin. Wondering if she remembers the Bloody Mary dream we shared.

It is odd when you connect with someone on a spritual level. The connection is never broken, no matter where life takes you or how it may change you.

Life pulses and flows and real connections are never broken. It makes me wonder about the order of the universe. Maybe there is more than what we see and hear going on. At 3:30 in the am I awake almost every night and thoughts are injected into my mind, one of those thoughts is often of the time I spent with Gryfin. Glad to connect with her again on this plane of reality.
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     2011-05-14 09:57:47 ET
I wish I could be like most of the people in this world. Sheep, that is what they are. Herd animals all following the same path. They all do the same thing and seem quite happy and content about it. Milling about doing nothing important, and not knowing or caring that they are all just sheep. They seem to think that the most important topic of day is what they watched on TV last night. I tell people I do not have TV and look confused and scared, "You mean it broke" they say. "No, just do not get any channels in" I say. "What do you do then?" they timidly ask. They really do not want the answer, they are just so confused they had to ask. Then they avoid me, what would we talk about if not what they watched on TV. Not that Tv is bad, I enjoy a good movie or show, but I do not want to spend all day talking about it, or wonder "Oh no, If I go to my kids event I will miss my show" I have heard people say that. Too many people. Maybe the collaspe of civilization would not be such a bad idea. The sheep would be the first to go.

It would be easier to be a sheep, simple and content. No more wondering what the real answer to life, the universe, and everything is.

Maybe if I travel that many roads I will understand.

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