2016-03-01 21:29:08 ET

i graduated in december. i officially have a BSc. that's cool. i'm living on my own now, i'm starting a new job in 2 days and i'm completely self-sufficient, which is a huge personal victory and something that i was always scared i wouldn't be able to attain. the last few posts i've made here are very embarrassing in retrospect considering i can see clearly what an emotionally manipulative user the subject of those posts was/is. i want to delete them a lot but i guess i'll leave them as a reminder of how low this person made me feel and how high i am now without them. i've come far over the past year, part of me still can't believe i was able to achieve the things i did given how utterly useless i was for the better half of 2015. time doesn't heal all wounds but it makes the majority of them easier to deal with, at least.

here's hoping you're all doing well.

2016-03-01 21:43:46 ET

you got this!

2016-03-02 08:13:03 ET

I agree with keeping the posts. Sometimes a harsh reminder helps keep us on track. Great job on school and work! What will you be doing at the new job?

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