2010-06-03 15:59:44 ET

been a long while

the new me

got tired of fighting the good fight. i don't really feel like myself anymore but i'm getting used to it. we'll see if they come back.

over halfway done with beauty school, it feels weird to actually be good at something that matters. making lots of friends and actually going out and doing shit again. if anything it has slowly helped me become more at ease in public and get over my social phobia.

getting a job soon at either sally beauty supply or cost cutters as a receptionist. neither of them are hiring but according to the person who is hooking me up, i'm at the top of both lists.

got rid of my caprice, too much maintenance. replaced it with an olds 88.

i guess that's it, really. life is peachy. feels nice to write here again.

2010-06-03 16:36:03 ET

Awww I liked the piercings. I was just thinking about applying at Sally's today.

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