2008-08-02 14:54:20 ET

well, the spots on my mom's pancreas are just extra fat. never in my life have i been grateful to fat, but thanks so much you delicious yellow crap!

they decided to go with a consultation on thursday, surgery is in 3 days on tuesday. they're going with a laparoscopy to remove her gall bladder. hopefully it's a same-day type of thing.

she doesn't feel any pain right now 'cause she's up to her eyeballs on lortabs.
looks like we're gonna get out of this pretty luckily. thanks FSM.

in other news, i've decided to play american mcgee's alice again.
and that means i get to listen to that cheshire cat flirt with me using its sexy malcolm mcdowell-esque voice. *squeals*

2008-07-25 17:19:22 ET

so after a couple days of listening to my mom complain of bad stomach pain, we went to the ER last night and she had x-rays, today she went back for a sonogram and they found gallstones. they're also concerned with a couple spots on her pancreas, i'm doing all i can to not focus on "pancreatic cancer." she's going in for a CT scan on monday and there's a surgery scheduled tentatively for thursday. blech.

this last year has been fucking rough on her. she found out she's diabetic, she gets headaches all the time, i'm pretty sure she has carpal tunnel too, her hands randomly go numb for no reason.

god, allah, buddha, xenu, FSM, whoever the hell's up there, please don't take her away from me.

not yet.

this is what I need to get very badly
2008-07-19 18:44:12 ET

what is LAID, alex?


2008-07-16 19:48:18 ET

I wanna go out and do something.


june cleaver
2008-07-14 07:23:18 ET

I spent all day yesterday alternating between playing Warcraft and cleaning the apartment, which was disgusting. I am so damn lazy sometimes it scares me.

Speaking of laziness, I should go work on school work, but I won't. I always put that shit off for as long as possible.

If I had a million dollars, I'd hire someone to yell at me to do things until I get off my ass and did them.
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