Excited!!!2012-05-14 10:47:35 ET

I signed myself, my hubby and Sage up for a 5k on July 1. Its called The Color Run. Its going to be amazing. :D

Motivated and Determined2012-04-30 12:39:18 ET

Its been two weeks since I started to work out and eat better. I don't know if I have lost weight or not, thats not really my goal. I want to be able to go run with my daughter and husband. I do feel better, and I am proud to report that I can run 1/4 of a mile without stopping. :D I did that after doing 35 min on an eliptical and some strength training. Its a small gain, but it is a gain, and I am proud of myself. I plan on making it a total life style change, and I am not giving up. :)

Also, Sage is playing soccer and is only 3 weeks away from summer break and becoming a 1st grader! So hard to believe.

What do you think...2012-03-18 05:31:46 ET

...about the bill they are trying to pass in AZ that penalizes women for using contraception for non-medical reasons?


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