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Death from Above 1979, Slipknot, and the list goes on
and on and on. ]]

...road tripper fan to this site so i'm workin on the page. bare with me.

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2006-07-10 10:05:19 ET

well i actually completely forgot about this site for ages. now i'm back on and using it. hurarh. or something.
I still work at Convergys/TimeWarner. and i still hate it. LIfe is still boring.


yesterday, I did my first suspension. !!!!!!!!!
I did 4 pt suicide outside, was up for about 20 minutes... my first one and i was up, and swinging like mad! I had tried doing a suspension once before but only got off the ground for about a minute and never did let go of the guy supporting me. This time I was flyin all by myself. Yay!
My tongue is growing back like a motherfucker. HOpefully i'll be getting it recut next week. That'd be swell. It's almost 3 months old and doing great.
I need pictures of my piercings so I can put them up here dammit. But they're all on my iam.bme page and we can't access that here at work. I'm surprised we can use this site. it's all good though.
My back is stiff as hell and i popped some rice crispies out of it this morning. That was disgusting but worth it knowing how they got there. :)
It was intense and amazing and when i was flying, i did a little superman pose type deal. That's what led to me coming down, because it ripped a bit in my shoulder. oops. but it was great. my body's still coming down off of the adrenaline and everything so ii'm SUPER exhausted. uck.

2006-02-03 08:33:14 ET


this is just fucking wrong.

2006-02-03 08:09:15 ET

Okay, So I haven't updated this thing in a long time.
This will have to be my new online journal thing again, as they refreshed the firewalls at work and I can no longer use my BME/IAM access.

Times like this, internet at home would be handy.

I'm getting a new piercing on sunday. I'm quite excited as I haven't gotten any new work done since early september. hurray.
Other than that, work, gym and boyfriend keep me rediculously busy. I'm exhausted. I think when I get home, I'm taking 2 gravols and going to sleep. I dont work at all this weekend. So I can sleep. thank fucking god.

I'm starving but all i had time to grab for lunch was some cereal in a ziploc container. Woo.

This is so not interesting.

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