Don't mind me, just passing through to bitch. SK is the best for bitching.    2012-06-20 22:13:22 ET
I can't sleep.

I can't sleep because Jenae came to me at 1115 (fifteen minutes after I'm usually already asleep) to tell me I ruined her favorite mug.

Her "favorite" coffee mug has been sitting in a box with all of my paints and brushes for at least a year. You see, I just today finally bought a rinsing dish and a palette to paint with (because I procrastinate like a pro.)and up until today I was using various dishes around the house. Generally using only my dishes, for obvious reasons.

Last year, we lived with different people, one of whom was also a painter and so I figured she wouldn't mind if I borrowed a mug to rinse my brushes in. I totally forgot I had it and ended up sort of stealing said mug and making it a permanent rinsing dish. She never asked for it back, so I never remembered to give it back.

Flash forward to today: I leave my most recent project outside to dry and the mug in question ends up on the back patio. I find out in a matter of seconds that 1. It was not the old roommates mug, it was Jenae's. 2. Despite not noticing it was missing for a year, it's her favorite. and 3. I've ruined it forever and this is an ongoing problem that has her really worked up.

Before I can explain myself I have a door slammed in my face.

I have told her COUNTLESS times that it stresses me out to upset people and I cannot leave a situation unresolved without it causing me serious anxiety. This has apparently not resonated.

I keep my cats in a single room so they don't bother her, eat her cats food or use their litter. I used to keep my dog in a kennel so he wouldn't try and lay with her during the day. I attempt to avoid cooking meat in the house when I know she's home or will be home shortly. I move her potted plants indoors when it gets too cold for them. I clean out and save every fucking container that is even kind of reusable because I know she hates to waste.

This one thing I ask is to resolve our problems like adults before leaving them lingering in the air for me to fester in and she simply cannot take my feelings into consideration. It's impossible for her to attempt empathy. I honestly can't believe such a selfish, worthless person has managed to get by in life for 28 solid years.

So, here we are. The mug is clean and back in the cabinet as if nothing happened. In fact, the whole kitchen is clean now because stress turns me into a meth addict. She gets to slam a door and everything is good. She snoozes away while I try and figure out if I can afford the fee to break our lease.

fucking great.

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