2018-09-18 04:59:05 ET

About time for the old "How's everyone on SK doin?'" :D

2018-09-18 13:39:24 ET


2018-09-19 14:38:29 ET

i'm ok. in the context of things that may interest you, i'm wondering why the fuck sony is including 1st gen controllers and not dual shocks with the playstation classic when it's clearly shipping with games designed for analogue control.

2018-09-19 22:31:20 ET


2018-09-24 00:27:12 ET

Hi, guys! Goin' pretty good, oughta write about it. :)

I dunno what's up with that, Turbo. Maybe it's cost-effective or something to do standard controllers? Did they wanna be that serious about the word "classic" and go with the first controllers on purpose? I dunno. I wouldn't have held my breath for vibration, but sticks'd be nice.

2018-09-24 20:13:34 ET

sticks would especially be nice considering they're including games like ridge racer 4 that are 100% designed for - and play so much better with - analog control. it's baffling to me. and i can't imagine it's that cost effective considering dual shocks are a dime a dozen these days.. whatever i guess. i have a 1st gen fully backwards compatible ps3 still and that's the only sony console i still own. i guess they want to keep giving me reasons to not get another sony console, "classic" or otherwise.

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