Maybe i'm over reacting, but i need to say...    2004-10-05 17:21:10 ET
I'm sorry

First, to our Soldiers, who are fighting a war for nothing.

And, second, to the Iraqi people, for what we've done to them, and taken from them... for money.

i hate politics. i know why now, and i hate them even more.

Life and liberty? Try Greed and power.

Fucken bastards.

     2004-10-05 08:01:32 ET
Got pills. They gave me a 90 day supply this time, with one refill. FINALLY! Stoopid ppl kept giving me one month with no refills, which means, a trip to the hospital because they had to keep putting it in the system. Ughh, So this trip to the hospital took me over an hour. Not horrible, i suppose, tho, i didnt get out in time to make it to my class at 12. i called and left a message. Unexcused tho, i'm sure... there goes 3 points off my grade. THANK YOU DARNALL FUCKEN PHARMACY.

i had a quiz this morning in my Criminal Justice class that i'm quite sure i bombed. GO ME. i looked over the stuff this morning, however, not the 2 things he asked. Bahhh. Oh well. What can i do? i should have extra points on my homework for turning it in early, so i guess that'll kinda make up for it.

Ok, now that i've dumped all this info, i got nothing. i'm going to clean my house for possible company this weekend. ;) Figure if i get it done now, wont have to worry about it later... or at least, not so much. This is a good thing.

Only one more thing... YEAH for not going thru shakey, feverish withdrawl symptoms anymore. w00t w00t!

     2004-10-04 14:50:00 ET
i hate being off my pills.

Why am i so stupid.

i feel like such a bitch, and all i want to do is sleep. What the fuck is wrong with my brain that i have to be like this?

i think i need a lobodomy.

Yep, that's it.

 i am the SHIZNET    2004-10-02 15:27:55 ET
w00t w00t! i just decorated my porch most of the way for Halloween. There are a few more things i would like to get to complete the job, but for the most part, i'm done and it looks awesome if i do say so myself. :)

After completing the decorating, i attacked the flower bed that was burnt to a crisp mid-summer. Weeded everything out and cut back my elephant ears. Had 2 bags of mulch left, so i spread that over it all. Took out my dead flowers in my flower pot and planted some pretty dark red and purple mums. So pretty.

Took the kids to see "Sharks Tale" today. It was pretty cute. Wouldnt have been my choice for a movie, but cute either way. Keegan took $20 of his bday money and bought his Freddy Krueger mask for Halloween. So now we just need the Fedora and the sweater and he's set. i'm glad he bought the mask, he got a really nice one from Spencers. It was $19.99, but i have military discount, plus their frequent buyer card, so with tax, it only came out to $14.60, which was hella cool.

So, that is about it. i'm so tired i think i'm going to pass out now.


     2004-10-02 04:10:24 ET
Can someone tell me when i became the neighborhood CD maker?



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