Maybe i'm over reacting, but i need to say...
2004-10-05 17:21:10 ET

I'm sorry

First, to our Soldiers, who are fighting a war for nothing.

And, second, to the Iraqi people, for what we've done to them, and taken from them... for money.

i hate politics. i know why now, and i hate them even more.

Life and liberty? Try Greed and power.

Fucken bastards.

2004-10-05 17:23:53 ET

:::bows::: tis why i've always hated politics... i can't bring myself to vote... i just don't care to see... if it's not one thing... it's another...

it's not about what's best for the people any more... it's what is best for their pockets... and we're all left fucked... when we can get paid less to work... then it cost to live... that's fucked up...

the government fuckin' pisses me off so bad... (i'm really considering goin' to another country... i just don't know if i can handle that)

2004-10-05 17:28:18 ET

i told my husband, just the other day. If i dont see improvements soon, i'm outta here. i'll move to Canada, and take my boys. i dont care if he's in the Army or not. He needs to get the hell out, and wake the hell up. i cant even believe he's over there... i cant believe that he's over there so Bush's family can profit. (i just watched Farenheit 9/11) Not that i didnt realize before this war was stupid, i just didnt realize the extent. Towards the end of that movie, i seriously thought i was going to vomit. i cant believe our country. We are no better than the bastards that are beheading our people, we're just sneakier and less obvious. (And maybe not quite so violent) Dont get me wrong, i hate those people, but hell, i can see why it's happening now. Fucken lieing, cheating, scum bag pieces of shit. They all need to go over there for a month and relieve our husbands, wives, sons and daughters, and see how willing they will be to throw our people back in there, FOR MONEY. GREED GREED GREED. Canada... here i come.

2004-10-05 17:31:24 ET

haha i hear ya for real... i still need to see that movie...

i know it's for some fucked up shit... but i'm really curious to see what all farenheit(sp?) touches on

wooo i don't think i can move yet though... cause i may be joining a band... and they are more important at the moment... if that doesn't work out... i'll probably head for germany

2004-10-05 17:35:04 ET

Good choice. Till America gets to them too. lol.

That movie touches on just about everything. It may be a little harsher for me, seeing as how my husband and my best friends husband and friends are over there, however, either way, it should, or i would think, jolt just about any American.

Mostly about Bush's family involvements with the oil businesses. But there are some lovely shots of these poor Iraqi civilians that's houses are gone and who are picking up dead children from their streets. i would understand if maybe we were attacking because Bin Laden was there, and we were avenging the deaths of all the Americans, but from what i see, Iraq had nothing to do with that, and Hussein didnt have any weapons of mass destruction. My opinion, however, seems fairly true at this point. It scares me. This country scares me.

Good luck with the band, btw :) That's great!

2004-10-05 19:32:01 ET

Yet another reason why you should vote for a third party.
Personally, I'm for Micheal Badnarik.

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