2005-08-10 11:38:39 ET

First off...
Matthew McGrory. RIP Tiny. What an amazingly beautiful man.

Nothing else to exciting.

Full time does indeed start on the 22nd. i'm happy about that. Alot of work. i've been taking "notes" all week. Fun, fun.

Trying to decide if i want to register for more classes on Friday. i doubt it. i think i can get the remainder of my semester money in the summer if i want to take summer classes, so i might do that in stead of overloading myself now. We shall see.

That is all for now.


     2005-08-08 04:45:41 ET
Well @ 730 this morning, i interviewed for the full-time position here.

My "interviewer" told me that i have the job. hehe.

i still have to wait for HR to call and confirm and do all my paperwork, but yes folks, it looks as if i'm now among the working class.

i'm happy, i'm also very worried about diving into this full-time gig and school full-time as well. We shall see. i picked classes this morning. One that wasn't/isn't on my degree plan, however i couldn't pass it up. Abnormal Pyschology. i just think it will be interesting and enlightening, and it's always good to get stuff outta your "work." Right?

That is all for now, i have to run to the financial aid office and then to disability services for an errand. Fun Fun.

     2005-08-07 07:36:30 ET
i think i might need to go to Hot Topic today. There is supposedly a Devil's Rejects blanket there for $20! How could i go on, not having this wonderful keeping warm device for myself? Pfft! i couldn't.

Ok, i also need to go to HEB to get my Rx refilled. NEEDS to be done, i have no more of my lovely "drug" and at the current dose of 3 a night, i'm thinking it might be detrimental if i dont have them.

Had a great time last night with Michelle from school, Judy and Chris. And of course my "special someone." i must say tho, i'm not looking forward to today. i have to finish updating this stupid book for my "sorta" boss. BLECH!!

Ok, i think that's all i got for now. i need to get up, get showered, dressed, get the paper and get my errands done so i can do my work.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

 Boring    2005-08-05 05:58:52 ET
i'm so bored... blah blah blah.

i have to come in at 730am Monday morning for my interview. HA! That means i'm gonna have to be up even earlier than i already get up, which is... TOO MUTHERFUCKEN EARLY! i guess it's good training for when school starts. It would be good, if it was light out when i woke up, then it wouldnt seem so utterly dreadful.

No bad/weird/gross/nasty dreams last night. That's a plus. Course, i was up about 7 times, LITERALLY. ALWAYS, when i sleep by myself. Must be an internal thingy. Who knows.

So, my best friend in the world, THE TINA is pregnant! i cant believe it. CONGRATS again. Even tho, i am STILL very hurt that she decided to let everyone on the internet know and didnt call me to tell me. :( Silly girl.

i'm done rambling now. i think i have to go do something that looks like work. oooo fun. BLECH!

     2005-08-04 06:31:36 ET
i'm at work.

i'm almost done with the first draft of the spring schedule. That's kinda scary. i think i should be a smartass and make an "intro to pedophilia" class or something crazy like that. haha. i would not get full time for SURE if i did that. nananana. Ah well.

i had a weird dream last night that all my teeth fell out. Then they grew back and fell out again. It was all bloody and i was laughing and spitting it out, trying to freak people out. i really dont know what that dream is suppose to tell me, aside from... your really fucked up!

That is all for now.


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