2005-08-08 04:45:41 ET

Well @ 730 this morning, i interviewed for the full-time position here.

My "interviewer" told me that i have the job. hehe.

i still have to wait for HR to call and confirm and do all my paperwork, but yes folks, it looks as if i'm now among the working class.

i'm happy, i'm also very worried about diving into this full-time gig and school full-time as well. We shall see. i picked classes this morning. One that wasn't/isn't on my degree plan, however i couldn't pass it up. Abnormal Pyschology. i just think it will be interesting and enlightening, and it's always good to get stuff outta your "work." Right?

That is all for now, i have to run to the financial aid office and then to disability services for an errand. Fun Fun.

2005-08-08 04:47:55 ET

im about to start school too.
i wouldnt be able to pass up abnormal psychology either!

2005-08-08 04:49:29 ET

:) It just sounds so fun!!! Good luck with school!

2005-08-08 18:01:48 ET

you too! :-)

i took intro to psych in high school, it almost made me wanna be a psychologist

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