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 what we grow into    2010-10-14 15:26:49 ET
So I have become one of those people at the bottom of the list who never adds a journal entry.

Well, I am better at non internet stuff. does anyone live in Nashville and want to come to my Halloween party. it's got a theme. you are being requested to arrive as an 80's cartoon character.


 read on a friends page on another site    2010-03-30 18:23:49 ET
"No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy."
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 Catch 22    2009-12-28 06:07:42 ET
So some joker stole the license plate off my car.

I have to drive an hour away to the clerks office in clarksville to get duplicates. My car is still registered in that county and I can't just register it in this county without plates... or so they tell me.

my issue is that the only car I have is the one that is now without plates. No one can take me. I get to hope that if I am pulled over, the officer will be lenient

you know this is exactly what I wanted to do with my day off. Hang out at a dmv.

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