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2014-06-18 22:18:28 ET

wow .. this is still here... why cant i get my joints to stay lit ?

off the rim..2013-05-12 02:06:24 ET

I miss him ... heis so wrong for me.. and I am SO REBOUNDING!!!

no more boys!! STAY AWAY...

why is it so hard??

I find myself wanting to jump on fenceposts most everyday.

THATS why!


booty.2013-05-06 01:15:02 ET

its actually kind of pathetic how hard you have to work for a booty call from home.

it's just that going out is so costly and boring and annoying.

i dunno. i guess being in a 3 year relationship will do that to you.

bu really. no... men should ALWAYS come to you. we are women. rulers of the earth!


settings.2013-05-01 22:03:13 ET

so forget how to do the settings.

forgetful.2013-05-01 21:37:04 ET

this will be again. a place to vent secretivly. i still cannot belive the nerve of him.

i am so over it. i have no more tears and heartbreak for cowrds.

how could u treat ME!? this way.

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

LADIES! attn : cure all for heartbreak, some BC bud, gansta rap.. older the better. and a bubbler bath with a glass of champy!

much <3 xo me

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