2002-04-16 17:32:22 ET
I soooo want to update my journal but my life is sooo uneventful right now. I can't wait for this weekend and next. *sigh*

 Unterzone Rocks    2002-04-12 02:07:21 ET
Just got home. So sleepy.
Yet another great turn-out for a Thursday night at Panorama. I'm happy when I watch the rev having a lot of fun spinning. He had many positive comments from people he didn't know on what he was playing tonight. Portland PIGs breaking out of their molds? Maybe.

 Rain.    2002-04-09 20:29:03 ET
My day consisted of dusting, annoying "normal" couples, dusting, kicking truant teens out of the store, dusting, sketchy gay junkies, polishing fingerprints off glass, shopping for Tachen books for the store, and lastly, dusting. It was a slow day for 23rd Ave. *sigh*

 Cow Parade    2002-04-08 20:45:51 ET
So Portland is participating in the Kows for Kids fundraiser. There are brightly painted life-size fiberglass cows all over downtown PDX. There is even one right outside of the store that I work at in NW.

The other night we stumbled across one of the cooler cows over by PGE park, Shark Kow. It's neat. The artist made the face of the cow pointy with lots 'o teeth. It has a back fin and a human leg sticking out of it's mouth. It's really cute!

Unfortunatly, some moron saw the piece of public art as something to tag. Yet another person has been added to my shit list.

     2002-04-04 00:33:22 ET
btw, the show tonight sucked ass. But I got my hef.
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