2002-05-04 18:26:07 ET
I got to see Spider Man today. It wasn't bad.

I got a large Invader Zim doll. His head is grotesquely large compared to his body.

I was given many quarters to get Homies out of a vending machine. I got one of the chicas, yay!

I just drank a Celebrator - Fine Bavarian Double Bock. It was gooood.

 On Vacation But No $$$    2002-05-03 17:24:53 ET
Too much time on my hands...
Maybe I should clean my apartment.

I get to see Spider-man tomorrow (whether I want to or not) for my b-day.

 Work (isn't this all I write about?)    2002-05-01 17:42:14 ET
Today was better than yesterday.

-late for a meeting at work
-John (the boss) was mad
-I got a write-up (I insisted. Why should I not although I manage one of the stores.)
-felt like a heel all day 'cause I can't seem to get out off bed more than forty-five minutes before work.
-the store didn’t make lot's 'o $$$$

-got up at 9:00am and got to work early.
-John's not mad at me.
-all the customers were nice.
-not too many weirdos wandered in.
-some woman asked me what music was playing. I responded with pride, En Esch-Cheesy. She had me write it down.
-people bought a lot of cool but useless stuff.
-I realized I only have one more day of work before my seven day paid vacation. Wooooooooo...


 Adventure In Seattle    2002-04-28 20:52:14 ET
So as an early birthday gift to myself I went to Seattle on Friday to see Haujobb, VNV Nation, and Converter.

12:30pm-I wake up and start getting ready to leave
3:00pm-get paid from work and go deposit my check
3:30pm-arrive at the train station and buy a return ticket to Portland
4:00pm-meet up with Michelle and Kiisu who were my ride to Seattle
5:00pm-on I-5 north
6:45pm-hit the worst of the traffic jams. A semi had jack-knifed on I-5 south and had hit some of the concrete barriers onto I-5 north. We had to detour.
8:45pm-We finally pulled up in front of the Catwalk
9:00pm- 1:30am-was spent enjoying the show, chatting with friends and acquaintances, working on getting drunk, and harassing some passed-out rivethead
1:30am-caught a ride to Bad Juju, a rocker bar up by Musicwerks and met up with my friends Shelby and Heather
1:40am-pounded two pints of Mirror Pond Pale Ale when I found out beer-thiry was at 2:00...this was not a good idea...
3:00am-discovered watching anime with sub-titles is not easy when stinking drunk
4:00am-passed out cold at Shelby's place...

Enough with the timeline…

We all woke at 10:30am. I was massively hung over. I think I mixed too many beers. eeewww...

As sick as I was I still wanted to go to Musicwerks and get a certain cd. Before that though we decided to go to a IHOP for breakfast. I sat in the restaurant fighting my nausea the entire time. I managed to get some apple juice and hash browns down. When it came time to pay our checks the manager was counting down the till. I was forced to wait nearly 20 minutes before I could pay for my meal. After I paid my check I promptly went outside and "refunded" the hash browns and apple juice in the flower bed.

By 4:00pm I had gotten my cd and headed to the train station. I was on my way home at 5:25pm. Instead of sleeping on the train like I intended, I watched The Count of Monte Cristo. Still slightly hung over, I arrived at home by 9:30pm happy to be back in Portland.


 Hey! Stuff Does Happen Sometimes...    2002-04-20 20:23:06 ET
So today Daniel Ash of Love and Rockets/Bauhaus fame was next door to my work doing a record signing. I had him sign an old Love and Rockets 12" single I've had in my "vaults". Anyhow I told him that I wished I could make it to his show tonight but I'm too broke. He responded with "Is that so? I've no one on the guest list. I'll put you on it" Unfortunately I worked until 7pm tonight and didn't feel like braving the public transit across town on it's screwed-up Saturday schedule. Thanks Daniel for making me feel all warm and fuzzy today.

Now if only Nick Cave would come in tomorrow and do the same thing. His show at the Crystal Ballroom tomorrow night would be a lot easier to get to.

Beer fest last night was fun regardless of the fact that I had to hang with an ex-boyfriend.
"Fizzy yellow beer is for wussies"-Arrogant Bastard Ale

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