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My name is Josh.
I'm 29 going on 30 years old.
I'm Ex-Corrections, Ex-Security Specialist, Ex-Small Business Owner, Ex-Boyfriend, Ex-Sane, And a former hillbilly.
MSN = or
Gaiaonline member = Comic Book Pervert

I do some writting on a site.
Here is it:
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You know you like it baby!

Sayings by me that we all need and love! Thank you!
(1) You make me twitch like a ferret on a live wire.
(2) Wow you just killed a man with your face!
(3) Hey! I love you! No...not really...
(4) Wow! Home-made Ass-chili!
(5) One person can change the world. Even if it's a single person's world that we change.
(6) Life is full of surprises. Can I show you some!?
(7) If you always look towards the past you'll never see the future @sskickings you'll be getting.

Places and things and my names for them!
Old Navy - Old Gravy
Pizza Hut - Pizza Slut
Dunkin Donuts - Crunkin Ho'nuts
McDonalds - CrackDonalds
Burger King - Smuggler Ring
The Gap - The Crap
Honda - Yawnda
Wal-Mart - Zombieland XD

For now I am...  

O_o2011-08-03 19:31:31 ET

Well haven't been on in a long ass time. Not much has changed for me. Working outta the house mostly trying to make ends meet. Went to my friends mother's funeral last weekend. Reminded me when my grandmother passed away. Hard to see a hardass cry. Was kinda unsettling...

2010-08-13 14:25:16 ET

Today I went job hunting again.
I'm honestly getting tired of this.
It's a act of god to find a job here. It's the only state that I've ever had trouble getting a job in.
The day started off with a dry, no wind, 98 degree's. I was sweating enough to fill a pond. I went to 5 counties job hunting. I left the house at 5am. Got home around 4pm.
Before I got home though I stopped to buy gas for my truck and meet a person from high school. I didn't remember her at first. But she was all cheery and chirpy. Then I remembered. The conversation ended with "Wow you're way too happy to see me. Why wasn't you like this during school? Oh that's right you was too busy throwing stuff at me and chanting freak."
Slapped down the money and stormed out.
I can't help but think that I've become something close to "wrath" now. My sister says I've finally hit my limit on how much I can take from the world. Maybe she's got a point. I don't like to use violence. But that's not the same as willing to commit violence for the proper reasons. And anyone that argues it's not the answer has never been the target of it.

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