The Cheshire Cat

Marriage is love.

"I say never be complete.
I say stop being perfect.
I say let's evolve,
let the chips fall
where they may."

Tyler Durden

August 20th, 1979
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hiding under the bed
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A Guinness and a
glass of Bushmills
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Myst IV: Revelation
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"I had chilli for lunch"

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Dreadrock2005-07-20 06:07:52 ET

So I got my bass (guitar, not fish) and a buddy loaned me his 60watt amp for an extended period of time. I'm a happy boy, but my fingers are tired after a night of practicing permutations. In a few months I'll consider formal lessons, but for now I'm using Bass Guitar for Dummies. It's written by Patrick Pfeifer who happened to train Adam Clayton, so if he's that good...

In other unrelated news... Anybody out there in the www have advice on dreading ones hair? It's something I've been thinking about lately. Awhile back (like 6 years ago), when I had long hair, someone would occasionally say "Hey, I love your dreads... oh wait, they're not dreads...". I had really tight curls then. I am officially bored with my hair now (it's been short for 4 years) and I'm thinking of something new. I have a couple friends I can ask about dreading hair, but the more info/tips/recommendations/anecdotes that I get will be really helpful.

It Begins Anew2005-07-07 05:19:23 ET

Al Jazeera

Does anyone see a pattern?
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MP3 Download of the day2005-05-14 10:04:38 ET

I always hoped to find something like this one: U2's Vertigo remixed by Trent Reznor. I'm a happy boy.
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