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The Infamous Inmate Fish
This is the part where I condense myself down into a paragraph or two in an attempt to get some sort of attention for it. Apparently, it's attractive or interesting to be either talented enough or inexperienced enough to have a life that's only worthy of a few sentences.

Well, now you know I'm cynical.

I'm old. Not evil, wannabe vampire old. Almost a quarter of a century, though, which is pretty good for someone that wasn't supposed to live past 18. I'm classified as a goth, even though I don't mope or listen to Bauhaus 24/7, but I suppose metalheads need more piercings and emo kids are better at thinking they're put upon, and the fishnet sleeves take me out of the running for "cheerleader."

I've got a gothling, whom I call the mini-fiend, and we get along well. I've got a Dad, whom I care a lot about and live with. I have no Mom fact, I don't have much of a family anymore at all, since the Summer From Hell. You can ask, if you really want to.

You don't want to.

I also have a sister-brother, whom I call Desire, because hand to god that's who he looks and acts like, and I love him dearly as well. He's one of the coolest and best people I know.
I'm Pagan-ish, but not good at it, because I know too much about every religion. I'm happiest in my own bastardized version of the Q'abbalah, but I integrate a lot of other things in it. I always get called a Wiccan.

Okay, so we're at 3+ paragraphs, and you know little to nothing about me. As I said, it takes talent to condense yourself into a paragraph.

Mmmm...condensed goth...just add water...

Also: I want me a lizard, and can't have one right now. But if I did, he would be Ninja, like Claw's lizard. Till I can get one for real, this shall be my lizard, and I shall call him...Zoob.

I adopted a cute lil' ninja fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

 Stufffffff    2006-03-15 15:17:39 ET
I have a new tattoo design. School sucks. I am quite busy, and am cultivating a complete lack of coherence. I require partying, and possibly some alcohol.

In other news, I am not as much of an idiot about computers as I thought; I recently met a girl who didn't know how to maximize a window. I'm also in a class with a bunch of idealists.

I am horrible, and therefore looking forward to reality hitting them in the face.

 I'se TWENNY-FOUR    2006-01-24 14:45:01 ET
Oh lordy. It's my birthday, and I'm now officially 24, which is...well, totally like 23, I just have to remember to say the right number now or I sound really silly in bars.

We did the family party with Claw's folks over the weekend (oh, shrimp scampi, how I love thee...<3) and then the family-only party here last night. It was small (read:three adults and a wee one that stuck her finger in my cake before I could get the candles lit) but I got some spiffy things that will keep me locked in my room for ages to come.


Also got Home Movies Season 3, We <3 Katamari, and Beyond Good and Evil for the PS2.

I also got to see Carlitos the day before, which is fab because he's due to leave soon and I won't get to see him again for a month. On top of all that, we are going to collect a group of us on Sunday night in hopes of going out for the birthday dinner/gathering/suchlike with everyone. For anyone who's interested, I want people around, and I want lots of them. There will be carousing, silliness, and all sorts of weirdness. Also food, possibly Japanese.

I think the only birthday wish I didn't get was a date alone with Claw, but I intend to fix that one ASAP. I may also get to introduce him to Japanese, depending on if I can talk him into coming over after work Sunday.

All in all, boo-yah to 24.

 Trying to Get My Classes In Order    2006-01-20 17:50:46 ET
...and, Oasis is down. Again.

No, it's not a lush, verdant area in the middle of a desert. Quite the opposite, actually. It is, in fact, the system by which we register our classes, get our grades, and just generally stay connected.

It may also, possibly, be a circle of hell. Right down there next to the one Claw reserved for obnoxious pagans and whiny-goths.

Also: Hug me.

give Fairygothmommy more *HUGS*

<small>Get hugs of your own</small>

 Ricocheting Off The Walls    2006-01-19 16:18:16 ET
Okay, this is the third try, then I totally quit.

Neighbors? Hate them Remodelling @ 7am

Building? Still annoying. No water from 9-5 tomorrow.

Warcraft? Still addicted. Lvl 27, Guild Member lvl. 2 Recruiter

Classes? Still not settled. Going to school tomorrow to fix that.

Other? Claw said he missed me. All by himself. For the first time EVER unprompted. I am cooing like a 13 year old with a crush.

Cap'n Chef? Needs to roll on Maelstrom. This applies to Glenn also.

Cows? I now have 7. Ironhorns is still the fave.

Energy? None. Sick lots these days. Glee.

 Books and Muslings.    2006-01-05 06:20:25 ET
Picked up another copy of the Pratchett/Gaiman masterpiece that is "Good Omens" the other day--the last copy was somewhere around as old as I am, and didn't withstand two generations of children (not to mention 2 generations of readers) all that well, it being a paperback and all. So now I have a pretty, pristine copy all to myself, which is wonderful but also a bit weird: books are like shoes, you know? They're always vaguely uncomfortable until they've been broken in. The first pages need to be ruffled, the glue of the spine cracked a bit, and the pages stained with the first few batches of fingerprints before it stops smelling of bookstore and gets that inexplicably comfortable smell of old paper.

Can you tell I love to read?

That smell is, actually, one of the only reasons I even visit churches, and helps me feel comfortable in them, too. The sanctuary always carries the scent of bibles and hymnals, held for years and years and passed through hundreds of hands until they gather a sort of life of their own. The pages begin to feel like leaves; all thin and wispy and soft, like my grandmother's skin when I was a kid.

One other thing I have accomplished while shopping is, amazingly enough, to procure myself not one but two shelves in my kitchen full of my favorites: one shelf full of indian food (sans the dreaded curried super-sperm, Claw. Everyone else, don't ask. Just don't ever eat curried bean sprouts around me, please, or I may asphyxiate,) and one shelf full of Leeloo-Style junk food: trail mix, sesame sticks, squash seeds, granola, and soy milk. Also the aforementioned plantains, which I love.

This is at complete odds with the rest of the kitchen, which is filled with pizza and fried food, but at least it's a start.

I think it's totally unfair having to try to eat well when stuck in a house with someone who, essentially, has no lower intestine.


My tomato juice is kicking the crap out of his soda in the fridge as we speak.

Health food lovers represent! ..m/

In other news: WoW still owns my soul, Claw is the best quest buddy a girl could have, and D-Bag's a pansytwat for playing Alliance. That is all.


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