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Name: Lydia Enjoys: Lime Italian sodas, used book stores, that old book smell, big shiny boots, dreads, gentle souls, Value Village, and sunny days. Dislikes: Over priced clothes/books/c.d.'s, ugly souls, constant negativity. Music: Hocico, The Birthday Massacre, Apoptygma Berzerk, Enya, Inkubus Sukkubus, Diva Destruction, Freezepop, Assemblage 23, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Switchblade Symphony, The Gathering, Unfinished Thought, Depeche Mode, VNV Nation, Wumpscut, Wolfsheim, Within Temptation, Nightwish, CombiChrist, Abney Park, Android Lust, Christian Death, Cocteau Twins, In Strict Confidence, Evanescence, Faith and the Muse, Rurutia, Lords of Acid, Hungry Lucy, Sarah Brightman.

     2006-07-01 16:24:20 ET
Happy 139th Canuck Day!
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     2006-06-27 21:18:53 ET
The Lake House was good in my opinion. Keanu is though an awkward actor and there were moments in the movie when he ruined it for me. Like you know "the movie magic look" vs. what your home videos look like? Well there is a scene when you see Keanu's reflection in a window and it goes from the movie look to the home video look and you see Keanu do the worst fake sneeze ever. I started giggling like the little school girl I am (until I get my grad certificate thingy). I thought it was a worth while see.

But there is a movie that beats it... well several... but w/e. IT IS CASABLANCA!! WOW I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Rented it and just stared into Ingrid Bergmann's eyes.

I love the whole going to the theatre alone experience. I felt like I was making a deeper connection with movie. Also, there was no awkward moment after the movie had ended when you are still stuck in a surreal moment created by the movie and then are forced violently into reality when asked "So.... what did you think?".

Tomorrow I have to go to school to pick up my yearbook. I hate having to do this because it is like the last day of school... people who never really talked to you during the entire year all of a sudden come to you and give that "Ohhh we should totally hang out in the summer." b.s. Oh yeah, like someone who didn't talk to you while wasting away in the school library is going to "call you up" when they have a few months of free time...

Hope the bus doesn't break down tomorrow.
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     2006-06-26 17:54:33 ET
I promised myself this year that I would go to a movie by myself. Going to a movie alone seems to be a pretty taboo thing with a lot of people but really now, going with a group of people is silly. I mean, you can't comment on the movie amoungst your friends in a theatre... unless you want to get death threats from the chumps behind you. Besides, I want to get sit in the back, cry if I want or laugh without worrying about if I am getting to emotional.

Yeah I am going to see The Lake House ^_^

 OK I have not kept my promise.    2006-06-23 09:04:07 ET
I said I would update a fair bit but I haven't so I am trying to be a good girl now.

8 new c.d.'s:
1) Chasing the Ghost - Collide
2) Forever - Freezepop
3) Ultra Fancy Fresh - Freezepop
4) Floodland - Sisters of Mercy
4) Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers - JOJ
5) Witching Hour - Ladytron
6) Apopcalyptic Manifesto - Apop
7) Futureperfect - VNV Nation.

And loving each one.

I hope our house sells soon. It is tough cleaning the house everyday from top to bottom and waiting around for the phone to ring ^_^ OH I AM JUST EXCITED TO MOVE OUT OF HERE AND GO LIVE BY THE OCEAN!
Why is it though that after living in Cow Town for 5 years friendless and then in the last year making a lot of friends I have to move? I am not happy about saying goodbye to Lisa. Grr, *packs you in suitcase with some sushi*.

 I love my Grandma    2006-04-16 20:12:39 ET
I won a bottle of whiskey at my Grandma's 80th yesterday. ^_^ That is an odd sentence. Later on she couldn't even stand up because she had like 6-7 glasses of wine.

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