Name: Bill (Nitric)

W.I.L.L.I.A.M.: Wireless Intelligent Lifeform Limited to Infiltration and Accurate Mathematics

YOB: 1983

The Kid  

2007-01-05 00:21:40 ET

It has been a hazy winter break... back in santa cruz... not back in the school state of mind...
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2006-12-13 13:53:08 ET

Advanced Number Thoery: B
Classical Geometry: B-
Math Problem Solving: B

Passing all your classes even though you're a huge slacker: Priceless...

I didn't even have to take the final in my math problem solving class... stayed up for 26 hours working on the portfolio due in that class, there was no way I could take the final, luckly we could choose to do one of the putnam problems instead of the final. and the solutions to the putnam were posted online... I understood how the proof worked, but damn it was a crazy idea to complete the square on a polynomial of a funtion with function coefficents... if that makes sense...

two more quarters to go!
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2006-12-05 23:04:43 ET

I'm such a slacker, I have a portfolio due tomorrow in classical geometry and I just started it an hour or so ago... it needs so much more work... we'll see how I do!
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2006-11-21 21:46:37 ET

I can't believe I pulled it off... after working on this paper for one day, I finished it :P yeah i'm a huge slacker... and it's probably not my best work, but it's pretty decent and hopefully I get at least a C... damn you classical geometry!

Life is still very crazy, and I don't have enough time for everything I need to get done...

2006-11-12 17:15:17 ET

I have so much stuff to work on... homework due in two of my classes tommorow and more due wednsday... haven't started any of it... and still making up excuses not to start :P shit's hard too!

Let X be a non-empty finite set and f:X->X an arbitrary function. Prove that there exists a non-empty subset S of X such that f(S)=S...

I think I know where to start but this shit's crazy... and that's only one problem! I guess I should get started... just wanted to update and kill some time...

and life is expensive... damn you rent and food!
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