2010-10-25 21:31:46 ET

Soon to be. but for now, looking for a car. to purchase/see/pickup either in vegas, austin or la..

my euro-trash tv kulture has a penchant for a charger retro peace of crap vintage shit box w/ four olde wheels.

any ideas ? not a a craigslist hook up ~ pls !

2010-10-26 05:27:59 ET

I haven't really looked around at cars here in Austin.
However, I've heard that cars are cheap in San Antonio. I've always been told to go out there to buy a car.

Btw, welcome to SK!

2010-10-28 00:27:00 ET

Thx 3hundredMHz !

wish i could get one of those half boat/flip side carzz..

c u in nov ember ?

per hap z :) k

2010-10-28 05:03:01 ET

o0o0o, yes! Austin is a wonderful city. If you're out here, let me know and I'll show you around.

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