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 sushi w/ shih chieh.    2010-10-28 00:36:35 ET
went a little like this.

now i need mi a new face.

just time for halloween.

 Kerouain'    2010-10-25 21:31:46 ET
Soon to be. but for now, looking for a car. to purchase/see/pickup either in vegas, austin or la..

my euro-trash tv kulture has a penchant for a charger retro peace of crap vintage shit box w/ four olde wheels.

any ideas ? not a a craigslist hook up ~ pls !


 Step right up ! !! Get your Avatars ...    2010-10-21 01:00:13 ET
Open to all stories or illustrations of life ..

Traveling america. > AVATARS

 ok. givin dis a shot.    2010-10-21 00:29:23 ET
as everything, there's a first. so, im giving it a go. and from here, with dicipline and Love it should be a strait line from here.. Here i come. ..

tonight was a good night. after a shat day. there, i blogged. thx 4 approvin mi. n

thank you jenni for introducing mi.

respect folie urs,