Majin Adam     Ontario, Canada
I'm 24. I'm into a good number of odd things, I'm a hermit, and I've also got a very bizarre (and often morbid) mind, and for some reason I'm single... ok probably for many reasons.
I'm a college student, and I spend a great deal of time listening to music and eating - good thing I work out otherwise I'd be a fat porker again! I like a great deal of things, so I'm not going to start listing them. Just ask.
I don't come on here as often as I probably should, so your best bet to find me would be at one of the places below.
I'll even give out my phone and address. For those would be stalkers.

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2005-09-11 09:50:05 ET

There we go, an updated photo of me.

2005-09-08 05:01:14 ET

Hey look who remembered I have a home here. School's back up and running, and I've made quite a few changes to my life... for one, I'm blonde again.

2004-03-24 14:39:34 ET

Today's the birthday. I want technicare, but nobody's going to spend 100$ on a gallon bottle for me.
I get cheesecake though.

2004-03-22 14:00:53 ET

Helped in a suspension this weekend..... it's been so long! The energy was wonderful. My birthday is on wednesday. That is all.

2004-03-14 11:43:23 ET

I've got lotsa sinus pressure and a face full of fuzz. It's sunday, I'm debating a cleanse, and I'm unsure of my future; recent or otherwise.

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